King Maegor I

The Faith revolts!

The High Septon has declared Maegor an abnomination of incest and has refused to crown him, instead he has declared his nephew Aegon, the Lord of Dragonstone the true King of Westeros and calls all the faithful men to arms!

Several noble lords have answered the High Septon's call to arms, the banners of House Redwyne, Hightower, Osgrey, Lannister, Lorch, Falwell, Wayn, Terrick and Lychester have been risen and they all join Aegon Targaryen in his war for the throne.

Active Houses:

House Knott (Lord Commander Windaz)

House Baratheon (Aleros Silverstone)

House Tully (Rorschach)

House Blackwood (Wilson)

House Greyjoy (ZeroFighterR)

House Darklyn (Heru)

House Royce ((ง︡’-‘︠)ง)

House Sunderland (Zamarak)