House Blackwood of Raventree Hall is a House in the Riverlands. Their Seat is Raventree Hall. An old castle built atop ancient cairns with a huge, dead Weirwood in the centre of the castle which plays host to hundreds of ravens, from which the castle gains it's name. Many Blackwoods ascribe to the theory that the Brackens poisoned their Weirwood after one Blackwood killed off their entire breed of prized warhorses.

House Blackwood are descended from the First men in the Age of Heroes and were Kings in the Wolfswood before being exiled south by Houses Glover and Forrester. They have had a long standing fued with House Bracken, who occupy Stone Hedge across the Red Fork. The feud has been agitated and fixed multiple times with marriages and curses between the two houses with House Justman famously descended from the bastard coupling of a Bracken and a Blackwood.

House Blackwood
The sigil of House Blackwood

Coat of Arms A flock of ravens surrounding a black shield charged with a dead weirwood, on a scarlet field.
Words (Official) We Remember

(Unofficial) Raven sees all

Seat Raventree Hall
Current Lord Lord Brynden II Blackwood
Region The Riverlands
Title(s) Lord of Raventree Hall and Bastion of the Old Gods
Liege Lord House Tully of Riverrun
Ancestral Weapon None
Previous House Heads
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Brynden II Blackwood:

War of the Ninepenny Kings: