House Darklyn of Duskendale

House Darklyn ruled the town of Duskendale and the surrounding lands in the Riverlands for centuries as kings until

House Darklyn
House Darklyn
Coat of Arms Fusily sable and or, upon a pale in dexter gules seven escutcheons argent
Words Steadfast Service, Unrivaled Valor
Seat The Dun Fort
Current Lord Lord Alyn Darklyn
Region The Crownlands
Title(s) High Lord of Duskendale, Lord of Duskendale, Commander of the Dun Fort
Liege Lord House Targaryen
Previous House Heads
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the eventual subjugation of the Riverlands by the many Kings of Westeros. After Lord Triston's death at the hands of Aegon 'the Conqueror', House Darklyn has served House Targaryen with honor and valor for generations. Due to many Darklyn family members serving as members of the Kingsguard, including the fabled Darkrobin, House Darklyn has had a unwavering sense of duty and unyielding loyalty to House Targaryen.

Lord Alyn Darklyn (8224-8277)

The War of the Ninepenny Kings

By the time Maelys Blackfyre's Band of Nine began making moves, Alyn Darklyn had served as King Jaehaerys' Master of Whispers for several years. It was through Lord Alyn's tireless efforts to the King, whom he considered one of his closest friends, that information regarding the Blackfyre pretenders found its way into the hands of the small council.

When the young Prince Aerys led his father's armies into the Stepstones, along with the many lords of Westeros, Lord Alyn remained in King's Landing to aid the King in ruling, while the rest of the small council led their own forces. It was here that Lord Alyn learned of the Prince's terrible fate.

One of Maelys' upstart pirate "lords" had taken the life of the Crown Prince in battle and turned the corpse over to the Blackfyre pretender. Lord Alyn also learned that Maelys had taken to parading the corpse of Prince Aerys as the figurehead of his flagship. When Mealys' armada arrived in Blackwater Bay, he showed all the realm his cruelty knew no bounds.

When the Blackfyre army landed at the shores of the Blackwater, they were met by the combined might of the Seven Kingdoms, save for the few lords who felt their aid was not needed. After a swift and crushing defeat, Maelys was taken captive and carried into the black cells under the Red Keep. It was there he would have the audacity to demand a trial by combat, even after all the realm knew of his guilt.

King Jaehaerys, being the kind and just man he was, accepted. Upon the small council's recommendation, he chose his champion; Lord Commander of the Kingsguard Ser Lewyn Martell, commonly referred to as The Sunknight.