House Goodbrother
512px-House Goodbrother
Coat of Arms Gules, a warhorn sable banded or
Seat Hammerhorn
Current Lord Lord Reaver Quellon
Region Iron Isles
Title(s) Lord Reaver of Great Wyk
Liege Lord House Greyjoy of the Iron Isles
Previous House Heads
1. Uller
2. Gorold
Additional information
House Goodbrother of Hammerhorn is a noble house from the Iron Islands. They are one of the most powerful houses from Great Wyk, the largest of the islands, and are one of House Greyjoy's primary bannermen. Their keep of Hammerhorn is inland, in the Hardstone Hills, their wealth not coming from the Sunset Sea but from their mines.

Lord Reaver Uller (252-271)

Early life (220-259)

Born in 220, Uller was the first son of his predecessor. Through his youth, he became an envious and despicable man, who was seeking power and who got easily frustrated. He also began to believe that all Ironborn had to be a strong warrior.

Lord Reaver during the reign of Jaehaerys II (259-271)

During the war of the War of the Ninepenny King, Uller asked his lord Quellon Greyjoy what would the Iron Isles do in this Civil War. Quellon answered that they had to back the King against the pretender. However, Quellon instead decided to go raid in Essos. This raiding campaign would end in a failure, and Uller himself would end up wounded after a fight.

Following the end of the Ninepenny, Uller began to search for a tutor to train his second son Aeron, as he did not believe he had the skills to train his son as a warrior. His own Lord Paramount Quellon Greyjoy, a great warrior in every way, was already training his own sons. In the end, Uller sent his son to Winterfell, were he would be teached by Lord Paramount Edwyle Stark, starting a long friendsip between the two houses.

In 266, the issue of who would be the Hand of the King was still not resolved. Uller thus decided to go to King's Landing in order to support the candidacy of his Lord Paramount. There, he gave a speech about "giving the Ironborns a chance" and "getting our people closer". His main opponent into the political debate was the Lord of House Darklyn, who first wanted to be the Hand himself and then supported Lord Paramount Tully. In the end, Uller speech was successful, and King Jaehaerys II named Quellon Greyjoy Hand.

Uller was hoping that Quellon Grejoy would reward him for helping him gain the office of Hand. But he only recieved thanks, and nothing else. Furstrated, Uller decided to go seek his own fortune by raiding the Summer Sea, without great success.

In 269, he sent money to House Went in order to rebuild Harrenhal to its former glory. He did this to honor the memory of Harrent the Black ,and to see his castle be rebuild.

Lord Reaver Gorold (271-274)

Lord Reaver Quellon (274-)