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House Goodbrother hails from the Island of Great Wyk, the largest and most productive island in the Iron Isles.  Hosue Goodbrother has gained its position and wealth as a prominent Ironborn house from the vast iron mines beneath the Hardstone Hills, unlike the other Ironborn houses whose power flows from the Sunset Sea.  This, alongside the fact that House Goodbrother stands as the only Ironborn house that does not claim descendency from the Grey King (instead from his loyal brother), sets the house apart from the other Ironborn, who look upon House Goodbrother as being to close to the Andal houses of the Greenlands, who till the fields and gain their wealth through trade and goods, rather than war and plunder.  Despite all this, no other Ironborn house aside from the extinct House Greyiron has sat the Seatone Chair as Kings of Salt and Rock.

The current lord of House Goodbrother, Torwold Goodbrother, rose to take his father's seat in 7991.

Lord Torwold Goodbrother