House Harlon
Harlon GoT Castle Newest
Coat of Arms Black Castle on an Orange Field
Words Stone By Stone
Seat White Harbor
Current Lord Lord Robin Harlon
Region The North
Liege Lord None
Previous House Heads
Additional information

Lord Eddard II "the House Forger" Harlan (8249-8313)

The beginning of House Harlan starts with Lord Eddard the II. He (originally from an off branch of House Mollen) Decided that with His new keep. Should come a new name and new Traditions. He Changed his sigil to a black castle on an orange field, also changed the words of his new house to "stone by stone" to signify the more stones you have the stronger your house and you will be.

He took this quite seriously at his old age and was constant at keeping a wife in his bed and a babe in her belly. Other than being the start of his new house he accomplished very little outside of his bed chamber.

In the end he died as he live. He contracted the venierial disease Gonorrhea and died in his bed at the age of 64.

Lord Bowen "The Dim" Harlan (8269-8331)

Sad man
The fact that this Lord has any writing of him at all is miraculous. After his Fathers passing he was rarely seen outside of the keep of Karhold. He was shy, dumb, and above all else he was Craven. He feared the outside world and understood nothing when it came to the politics of the world around him. If not for his son Cley Harlan the house could have very easily crumbled from the might of another house.

In the end this Lord of Karhold Died of the plague that came during the White Walker Invasion, leaving Lord Cley "the Chaste" Harlan on the run with all he could bring.

Lord Cley "The Chaste" Harlan (8291-8361)

Lord Cley

Lord Cley accomplished little as the last lord of Karhold. He gathered all he could, possessions as well as people, and fled to Oldcastle by ship. Many died holding the dead at bay, including some more courageous Harlans. The lord stayed at sea while the invasion took place. He was no warrior, but more importantly he had kept the house going during his fathers rein, and needed to survive this in order to ensure the house lived on. At least that is what he told himself.

He spent the remainder of the war feasting on fish and praying to the gods of old the Others couldn't swim

After the war Lord Cley landed upon the shores to find Oldcastle still in tact. Leaving him possibly the only northern lord left. He quickly went to work preparing for the inevitable. The swarms of northern lords were poring in by the thousands, from noble to peasant, from Whitehill to Forrester. Thousands would come every day and stay in camps outside of the walls. The food started to run scarce and people started dying left and right from famine. He knew he could not keep them all, so he kept 1 third of the lords there, with their people, and sent the other 2/3rds of them out of the castle, by force if necessary. The decision did not come easy to him, but he knew if he didn't more would die.

He sent out Ravens across the north looking for other holds that survived. Day came and went until a single Raven returned. Flints Finger remained untouched. The refugees now had somewhere to go other than their graves. Leaving Lord Cley with peace of mind.

He died old and frail at the age of 70, keeping the house alive.

Lord Robin "the Colonizer" Harlan (8328-8375)

Lord Robin

Lord Robin was the Grandson of Lord Cley however he was very close to him. The late Lord Theon (Robins Father) died during the plague that took Lord Cleys father as well, they shared that experience and Lord Cley taught him everything he knew in being a good lord. unlike Lord Cley though Robin was the first of his line to have a true interest in the ways of the sword. He trained very often as a boy with his great uncle Brennett. During the war of the Others though Robin went with Cley and Brennett left to go defend the keep to give them time to flee, and was never seen again.

At Oldcastle Robin continued his training and focused more on the status of the realm rather than marriage. His Grandfather had to force it upon him, but this didn't stop Robin from his ultimate goal. The very next day after his grandfathers death, he took an army of refugees and personal banner man and marched on White harbor. Not as a conqueror but as a colonizer. The time had come to rebuild the North and he wanted to be the one to do it. However southern forces felt differently

The colonies of White harbor and Whitford were well underway, and people started moving back. It was at this time that Lord Robin learned of the survival of a Baratheon. He felt ashamed he was not told, though the man was not hiding, the north was in shambles and had no time to search for who lived and who died. Lord Benjen had fled to The Twins in the Riverlands during the Plague and was the last living Baratheon known, This changed everything.

The Harlans remembered who made them the lords they were, and swore a vow never to forget, and to always serve. It didn't take any convincing for Robin to bend the knee and serve his house. As he was gone though the Vale under the Leadership of King Bryne Belmore attacked, after sending multiple Ravens demanding subjugation and protection under their rule. The North was getting its first true taste of what was coming from the south.

The war was never fought in the North, but that war decided its fate. The Belmores of the Vale had won the war and claimed the entirety of the North for themselves. This, along with all the Colonizing and rebuilding that the North needed, Put a lot of Stress and sadness into the Robins heart. This was his undoing which gave him a heart attack and killed him at the age of 47.

Lord Eyron "the Black Bastard" Harlan (8351-8379?)

Eyron Harlan
Lord Eyron was by basic marriage rights a "bastard" but by linage he was far from it. He was a true son of Lord Robin and his mother Barbrey was the daughter of, the hero who saved Lord Cley at Karhold, Brenet Harlan. It was unknown to many until Lord Robins death that they even shared these feelings for each other. Many believed that Lord Robins love came from his uncle Brenet and she loved him for his unrelenting drive to rebuild the North. Even so they were never married and Eyron had come from it. The only child that the late Lord Robin and Lady Barbrey ever had. It appeared to many that Robin was not a man who followed the words "Stone by Stone" as seriously as the rest.

Regardless of all of this Lord Eyron was still a bastard. He looked the part of a Harlan even more than his father Robin. He had the Black hair of a Harlan and the eyes that pierced souls like Arrows from a long bow. Even with this being the case he was still a bastard born child and was given the name Snow.

His father Loved him dearly though. Unlike most Bastards Eyron was there for all dealings with lords. This included feasts, meetings, build plans for the destroyed cities, Anything that Robin was apart of. Especially sword play, during his times with his father Lord Eyron became an excellent swordsman, even better than his father. This made Eyron sad more than anything though. He knew being a bastard that he was never going to inherit his fathers work. It would go to his first born of his current marriage. He didn't like that.

Lord Eyron woke up scared the day he approached his father. He wanted to be legitimized. His father was older now, around 45 name days, and he had yet to produce an heir. He approached the seat, knelt to his Lord father, and asked him to be legitimized. "Rise my son, you are more of a Harlan then any before you, And you are the son of my love. You were always my heir". Breathless and Dumbfounded, he walked out without saying a word, His father laughing as he left. It was not long after however that his father died. Broken he stayed in the castle for a week. The people started hating him. He was viewed as he was, a bastard.

He was a great warrior but he didnt have a lot of support from his people, nor the diplomacy skills to bring them onto his side. a few of the people loved him, viewed him as a true Harlan. The others saw nothing more than a bastard, and those are the people who bothered him. He was called many names by these people, and he heard them all. The Beggar Bastard, The False Lord, The Fatherless Knight, and lastly, The Black Bastard. He took "The Black Bastard" to heart and referred to himself as such. With more pride than ever he rode to the Cape of Eagles, to swear fealty to his Fathers friend Benjen.

Upon arriving at the Cape he saw the Banner of house Baratheon high on every Battlement, but on the highest tower he saw the banner of house Harlan at half mast, under the banner of Baratheon. It felt good to know his father was loved by almost everyone in the north, But that the Baratheons had that much respect for lord Robin, that gave him a real sense of honor.

Within the halls of the Cape of Eagles, Eyron learned of a map given to Lord Benjin from Lord Robin on his death bed. Purchased by Lord Robin, It was said to contain the secret location of a hidden valyrian steel sword. The true symbol of power and prestige. He left for the harbor and boarded "The Black Sea Stallion" and has still not returned from his journey. Many believe he is dead or lost at sea. Though there are still those who believe he lives somewhere in Essos

Lord Vargus "The Still" Harlan (8375-8419)

Vargus Harlan
Lord Vargus started his lordship at a very young age. at the age of 5 his Father Eyron "The Black Bastard" had left to go seek a Valyrian Steel Sword and bring his family fame and honor. However this left Vargus Lord at a very young age, The Regent at the time decided it would be best to send Lord Vargus to his kinsman at Oldcastle. There he could be raised same as his father was, and be taught the true values of what the Harlan family stand for "Stone by Stone".

His time at Oldcastle was good for him. He learned much of his families heritage, but more importantly he learned much about his father. Learning that his father was a Bastard didnt bother Vargus, if anything, it helped him keep an open mind and not to view any peoples as useless or unworthy. He started to feel lost due to his fathers disappearance, His family at Oldcastle was good but his mother stayed at Whiteharbor in case Eyron returned and his siblings were sent to other places in the north, he felt disconnected from his father mostly. He made friends with a couple of the bastard kids in the castle because of this, and grew strong bonds with a couple of the other kids there.

At the age of 12 Vargas was approached by his Mentor. He was told to get dressed, today he will be taken to meet His Liege Lord Benjen Baratheon. Vargas had resentment for this Lord for giving his father the map that had taken Eyron from him. He was grinding his teeth the whole way to the Twins. Not once did he utter a word the whole ride. He thought over and over what he was going to say to this Lord who took his father from him. he rode up to the battlements, and walked right into the great hall. Right as he was to say his piece Lord Benjen turned around. There was a sadness in his eyes as he looked upon Vargus, not the kind that people pretend in the high courts but a true sorrow. Vargus felt all that anger rush right out of him and collapsed to the stone floor where he stood


As Benjen gave the command not a single foot was stationary. Not even his lord kinsman stayed still. The entire room was cleared out. Then suddenly Lord Benjen knelled and embraced Vargus, tightly and with great warmth. Benjen truly cared for House Harlan and it was then that Lord Vargus was overcome with guilt. He began weeping uncontrollably.

"Forgive me my lord, I do not mean to cry, I have held anger towards you for so long, I have blamed you for my fathers death, I beg your forgiveness my lord"

"Dear young Vargus, I have known 3 generations of your family, and everyone of them has gone way to young, and all of them have been good men. Young Vargus I will miss your father, and I know you have great things ahead of you. Anything you need young one I will be there. You can count on that. Now dry those eyes little lord, Never let anyone see your tears" "EVERYONE RETURN TO THE HALL!"

Lord Vargus rose to his feet and dried his eyes, everyone who was in the hall before returned to their positions, Benjen returned to his seat and awaited Vargus to say his vows. Vargus bent to one knee, "I Lord Vargus, Lord of Whiteharbor, and Defender of the ports, Pledge my sword and house to you" and just like that Lord Vargus' world had completely changed, However his power and honor was going to be questioned.

Upon his return he found Ethering stolen by the Master of the Wolfs Den. "Lord" Leobald had been given Ethering by the graces of the Regency council. Despite Vargus' uproar about it. It was his first taste of defiance, a defiance he decided he would take as a challenge. He said no more of it and waited, biding his time. Most of the lords under him took this as weakness and began asking him for titles and money, thinking he would abide them, that is until his 16th name day. Within moments of his official name day he disbanded the Regency council, went to the maester, and informed him he wanted his personal retinue. a good 5,000 men strong

Harlan Siege
The Siege of Ethering

Leobald decided that he would meet lord Vargus on the open field. The man had clearly never fought in battle and had no idea what kind of numbers Lord Vargus had intended to bring, Even though Lord Vargus had never fought in a war either he was at the very least raised to be ready for it. He knew he was going to need superior numbers, and he knew the strength that he was up against. The battle that took place outside the walls was over quickly. Within maybe 2 hours of fighting the soldiers of Ethering surrendered with Lord Leobald a half hours ride back to the castle of Ethersfort. When terms were sent to surrender the castle or watch it burn Leobald returned the Parchment with a mass amount of spit on it. Vargus proceeded with an all out attack on Ethersfort. The castle fell quickly but it was left in ruin. Most of the people who had been there had fled or died in the siege. The settlement was once again a pile of rubble. Lord Vargus captured Leobald and sent him back to the wolfs den. Terms were simple. He was sent back to the Wolfs Den and would be given 20 men to do his duties of protecting that part of the city, all of which were to be Vargus' own guard. Many would say a very merciful end to the war.

Lord Vargus had become very content with his status. He was one of the most powerful lords in the North. He was married to Benjen's Daughter Shireen. The wedding was marvelous. All the Lords and Ladies of the newly forged Kinggdom of Westeros were there. Including King Belmore himself which filled Vargus with much dread. Even though he had never met this king he had heard plenty of things about the Belmores from all over the land. One saying seemed to hold up, Never trust a Belmore. However this foreign king seemed kind enough and was very respectful. He didnt seem to know much of Northern custom but it didn't bother Lord Vargus. His duty was to Lord Benjen, and if Lord Benjen followed him then he would be right behind him. He now had a beautiful wife, A daughter Alysane, and he was given Dawnforest by Lord Benjen as a gift. The good times felt as though they would continue forever. By the age of 25 he received dark words. Lord Benjen the Kind was dead, He did not know what to do with the news and began riding for the twins at once. Half way there a raven landed on his shoulder bearing a parchment. "Lord Vargus, I know you loved my father and would like to see him laid to rest. We could think of no better place than where his family reigned during the days of kings, Meet us at Winterfell, Signed Lord Orys".

Strange news to recieve, and Vargus could not help but feel the name was familiar. He sent a raven to Whiteharbor informing the Maester to once again call the banners. Lord Vargus would not be marching to Winterfell alone.

Lord Vargus rode with a host of 9,000 men in total at his back. Upon his arrival to Winterfell he was met by Orys himself and no other.

"Lord Vargus can you tell me why you have a host at your back as you ride to Winterfell? I don't think you would betray me but this doesn't exactly send a good message"

"Forgive me my lord these men are warriors to be true, but while we are here they are nothing more than your men to do with as you see fit, I felt a host of extra hands would help you remove the rubble of the once capital of the North"

Lord Orys gave a half smirk and turned back towards Winterfell. He was not as warm hearted as his father was. Not an evil man, but more stern and emotionless. The kind of man who was on a mission and intended to complete it, and had no time for sidetracking. As the Lords entered the gates of Winterfell they dismounted and entered the great hall. A shadow of its former glory to be sure, but still a beautiful place. Lord Orys had taken his seat on the throne and took a big sigh. The room was shared by no one else but Vargus and Orys. "Lord Vargus you have come to swear me fealty and say your final words to my father. My father always spoke very highly for your house, said that out of all the lords that we have ever had or ever will have that your house will always be the most loyal bannermen and friends. I trust my Lord fathers judgement of your house but I will make that judgement myself. Have you been receiving the money we have been sending?"

"We have my lord, you and your lord father have been more than generous to my house, we will forever be in your debt" Vargus bent to one knee "I Lord Vargus, Lord of Whiteharbor, and Defender of the ports, Pledge my sword and house to you"

"Rise Lord Vargus, I want you to come with me. we shall bury my father the way he wished to be buried"

Vargus followed Lord Orys into the crypts of Winterfell, on their way down he noticed that house Baratheon never removed the bodies of the Starks who once ruled here. A kind gesture to the dead who once ruled. As they continued down the catacombs they finally arrived at Lord Benjens final resting place, A sword in his hands, and his armor upon him. " Never let anyone see your tears" he remembered, and remained dry eyed. "Come Lord Vargus, I have more to show". What more could Lord Orys have to show in this gloomy place? They returned to the tomb of Orys the first, The Lord who sailed across the narrow sea with Aegon the Conqueror many years ago.

"Lord Vargus I am not Lord Orys only by name, I am Lord Orys by all rights, And I have proof to show you this"

As Lord Orys moved the stone Casket open Vargus noticed things immediately. The bones were gone, but no one had touched the inside of the tomb, the dust had not been disturbed, and if that was not enough, Lord Orys the firsts armor was there. The armor had the appearance of freshly forged steel, as if it had never been touched. To add to it all the valyrian steel weapons of house Baratheon were there. Blackfyre and Winterblood. Both of which were lost in battle during the war of the others. and between them laid a dragon egg. Beautiful colors of green, black and orange glimmered upon it. Lord Vargus clambered back and fell to the ground. He couldn't believe he was seeing this with his own eyes. The man must be speaking the truth, he is Lord Orys the first.

"Lord Vargus I want you to have this. It was the symbol of house Baratheon for generations and I find it only fitting that you and your house should have it. Take Winterblood as a reminder of your loyalty and the love between our houses"

Vargus didnt even know what to say, so he remained silent and wide eyed. Staring at the Beautiful Valyrian Steel axe.

"You dont need to speak Vargus, words are wind anyway, I miss the sun, Lets get out of this gloomy place"

A few days had passed when a rider came from the south. The man entered the battered gate on a great steed. He was darker skinned than most Westerosi, almost as brown as a Dornishman. He wore no shirt but had placed a fur upon his shoulders, The man was clearly a Dothraki

"What buisness does a Dothraki have in the North!" Vargus yelled to him

The man looked upon Vargus and looked uncomfortable. Clearly seeing Vargus' emotions towards him. He was raised a Northman and even though he was ok with Bastards this Dothraki bothered him. He was a Northman through and through. Didnt really care about the south and didn't wish to deal with it. He wanted the north to stay north. Southern Westerosi was tollerable, but this foreign Dothraki dog was to much for Vargus.

"I bring a message for Lord Benjen Baratheon from Lord Bolton in the Reach"

"Lord Benjen is dead dothraki, I am Orys Baratheon and i will be recieving these letters from now on, be sure to tell you master that"

The Dothraki did not seem pleased with the way Orys said that, but he knew better than to strike him, He just simply turned his horse and went straight out the gates. There was a sack of what had to be Dragons, And from what Vargus could tell, there were a lot of them. Orys opened the parchment and said nothing to Vargus at first. He had been wondering for a time how his sister was enjoying the South. He didnt know exactly where she was but he had a rough idea and just hoped for her safety. They werent close growing up after Eyron left. Vargus was curious of what kind of person she ended up becoming.

"Lord Vargus, I have a task for you, I would like you to take these men you so graciously brought for me and bring them to the Dreadfort, and take this money Lord Bolton has sent to me. Use it to give your sister a proper castle to live in, where she belongs"

Vargus felt uneasy approaching the ruins. This castle was where the war against the others was won, Vargus could still smell the fire that had destroyed the ice dragon and the dead with it. He commanded his men to start building but he could see on their faces that they too didn't like the place. There was still an evil here, invisible maybe but it was here, and it may never leave.

He wrote Lord Bolton to invite him north to see his castle. The Dreadfort had already been made livable again. Not close to completion but it was livable. the letter read

☀: Lord Bolton I finally have a proper Dowery for you. Ride to White Harbor and bring my sister, it has been long since I've seen her.

Vargus Harlan, Lord of Whiteharbor and defender of the ports

Upon Lord Baron Boltons arrival a small gathering of lords and ladies gathered in the great hall. More to see Lady Jonella rather then give a proper greeting to Baron Bolton. The crowed served the purpose for both and when they arrived the Lords and Ladies were happy to see them both. Vargus did not know what to make of this Bolton. The Boltons may have ruled their lands in the north for centuries, but this Bolton was third generation southron, because of the war with the others. He had the posture of a southerner and his armor was very southern. He wore a heavy plate pink set of armor. Like the heavy knights in the south used. This right from the start did not make him feel any better about returning him to the north. It was very important to Vargus to make sure the north kept its values. To restore the land to the way it once was.

"Lord Vargus thank you for having us. I have heard much about the northern air. I must say it is as refreshing as my lord father described" Lord Boltons voice echoed through the great hall.

Lord Vargus rose from his seat and approached the two Boltons. "My dear sister how are you? It feels like we are meeting for the first time"

"In a way we are" She seemed quiet and reserved, not at all the way Vargus had imagined her to be.

"and you Lord Baron. Welcome to my home, and welcome to the North. Must be a strange land compared to your home in the south"

"It is as majestic as I imagined Lord Harlan, it isn't like we abandoned the north though. Your pockets must be lined nicely"

I fear not, all funds I can muster go to the rebuilding of the north"

"well then I know that I have been investing in the right places" Baron leans in "Unless I am wrong here I believe you are questioning my motives, I am here to return home, and i paid you plenty to make sure that there was a home to come to" he leans back " Come my lady, let us rest for the night, tomorrow we shall ride home"

Vargus found the Bolton to be pompous. He wasn't a fool though and he could talk circles around Vargus. Which made Vargus uneasy.

The War of Rebirth

Lord Vargus received a raven on June 13th 8415 from lord Orys, calling all of his banners to him. The lords and ladies of Westeros truly believed that lord Orys was truly the reincarnation of lord Orys the first. Vargus truly believed the same felt that Orys should be king. Vargus had no desire for war, didnt have a taste for it, but his duty was to his liege and called the men he owed to his liege and marched to the Twins. He left his personal retinue to ensure that there was still men to defend the North in case the war found its way there. Upon Vargus' arrival at the Twins he was greeted by familiar faces. His daughter Alysane had been with Orys as part of his council of Generals. With her was his Son Eyron the II. Eyron had been taken as Orys' squire while being raised by Orys. This was the first time the 3 had ever been in the same spot together, as a family, it made Vargus warm to see his children growing into greatness in the north. He feared though that this would be the last time he ever saw them.

Battle of Wycomb

Battle of Wycomb

Vargus marched with the first wave into Wycomb. The force he marched with was 10,000 strong, mostly Baratheon men. Upon their arrival they were attacked by a force that appeared larger in size. The battle was intense and lasted more than a couple days. During the battle Vargus marched under the command of his daughter Alysane. Orders were simple, hold the ground until reinforcements arrived. Easier said then done. The battle lasted for 3 days as the soldiers did their best to hold their ground. Just as the Northerners were about to break, the 34,000 men under the command of now King Orys Baratheon Washed over the remaining Valemen like a Waterfall. The moment Orys arrived, the flood of Northerners broke the remaining Valemen and saved Lady Alysane's forces.

Battle of the Crows

Battle of the Crows

Following the battle of Wycomb the Vanguard forces were merged with King Orys' forces and marched onto Crows Rest. Vargus rode in with Orys and the rest of his guard. 45,000 Northmen marched against around 26,000 men of the Vale. The Valemen fought bravely to hold their ground but the Northerners had the numbers. The battle is named by the Crows that littered the land after the Valemens Valiant stand to hold the pass. The only true victor of this battle was the Crows who feasted after.

After the battle Lord Vargus went back to White Harbor to gather some of his own personal retinue to be more useful to the war effort. upon marching back to the Vale with his personal retinue of 3,000 men, he came upon Flint forces headed toward the Bloody gate. Vargus decided to ride with them and aid them in taking the Bloody Gate in the name of House Baratheon.

Bloody gate

When they arrived at the Bloody gates of the Vale a raven arrived for him. These were times of war, and with that dark wings bring dark words. Vargus was shaking as he opened the parchment. "Lord Vargus your daughter Alysane has fallen bravely for the cause of our great king Orys. She has fallen at the hands  Walys Wythers"

Lord Vargus had heard of this Walys Wythers, he had been given the nickname the "Northern Reaper" by many for his abilities in hand to hand, and it was known that he had killed a couple Boltons at the battle of Wycombe after the Boltons were cut off from the main army. Vargus swore he would have his revenge. by any means necessary. He left his men there to aid in the siege and rode North. To gather the remaining forces he had left to protect the North. On his arrival he learned that  Walys Wythers had come north at the orders of the Belmores to try and scare the Northerners into surrender. He met them at Whiteknife.

Before leaving he left Winterblood on the grand seat in the hall. He had no illusions that he was coming home. He intended to challenge his daughters killer regardless of how poor of a fighter he was. His people needed to know that he had no intention of letting this man bring fear to his people.

Before the duel

Vargus brought double the men Walys Wythers had. Screaming at the top of his lungs "WALYS! COME FACE ME!"

Not long after the screaming Walys came forth and their men circled around them. The fight began, Vargus swung with all of his might trying to end it quickly. This would not be so. Walys without effort ducked Vargus' attack and stabbed through Vargus in the stomach. He drove the sword down to the hilt, so he could whisper, "Your son is next Harlan, as is the fate of all traitors"

As Vargus collapsed to the ground his last thoughts were of his children

Lord Eyron the II "the Elegant" Harlan (8406-

Eyron the II
Eyron was not at White Harbor long as a boy, instead he was in service to King Orys as his squire. He had grown close to her at the Twins. She was there as a military adviser, Despite many having issue hearing a woman speak of military matters, and he had grown close seeing her daily as the kings squire. He barely knew his father. When he was only six Lord Vargus sent Eyron to be raised as Orys' ward. It was there that he learned the Southern customs of knighthood. No Harlan before had ever even considered the thought of knighthood. It was ,in a sense, against northern tradition and in the times they lived, with the north hanging by a thread, was very important to every lord before him, even Vargus.

Regardless of their views though he was elated to be Orys' squire. He learned much of honor and style. He was very interested in the fancy garbs that knights in the south would wear. He always dressed very elegantly, even more so in public, He acquired quite a reputation because of this.

As a squire under Orys' care he was rarely allowed on or even near a battlefield. Not until he was aged 13 did Orys' even consider it. He hated it, He couldnt stand the taste that war left in his mouth to begin with, Dirtying of his cloths, the smell of the dead, and especially the aura left in the air. Eyron was a man of comforts and happiness, much prefer a party to a battle. He knew it was not common to feel that way, or even separate the two things considering most thought them both one in the same. He knew it was important to learn though, that and skill with a sword, so throughout the war he spent his time ensuring he would do well to remember the ways of war, and keep his skill with a blade as best he could. Many found him to be quite a skilled with a blade. He had a very unique style, he learned the Dornish styles with spears and applied them to the way he handled a sword. He would dance the way they did, and even find the reaches with a sword that the Dornish found with a spear. It caught many of his opponents off guard which is what lead to many victories during the War of Rebirth.

The war did come with its hardships for Lord Eyron though. The war had brought Eyron back together with his family. He hadnt seen his father since he was 5, and yet here he was marching beside him, with his sister on the other side. He couldnt remember the last time he had felt whole like this with his family here. Until his father left to go gather more men in the North, Watching him go was hard. His sister comforted him, but he knew somehow this would be the last he would ever see him. The battle under Orys' was brutal, men were slain left and right, Orys' charged in with Eyron close behind. It was there during his charge he saw the fall of his beloved sister. It wasnt long after he received a parchment from his king Orys, stating that his lord father was slain in single combat. The war took much toll on the new Lord Eyron. He would do all he can to see that he would never see another war fought in his life.

At the end of the war he did much to try and put an end to war in the north at the very least. The Ironstarks took up arms in rebellion during the war of rebirth, paid by the iron bank of Bravos to overthrow the House of Harlan. In order to bring peace Eyron decided it would be best to marry one of the daughters to bring peace between the houses. The Forethought and intelligence on how to handle the situation caught Orys' eye. Orys granted Eyron Lordship of the North, naming him Warden, and entrusting him with its protection. Eyron decided that His seat must match his Banner. He renamed White Harbor into Black Harbor, and placed Obsidian (Dragon Glass) into the walls for 2 reasons. It would give the walls a Black color instead of white, and it would protect from the others should they ever return to the city. ensuring there would be safety within the walls from their magic. However this costed Eyron more than he had, plunging his house further into debt. Not to mention he had a tendency to purchase expensive garb from as far as Ashai, giving himself the nickname around the city "the elegant" for never being dressed in anything beneath his sature. Even the armor he had made was Black and orange, and suited for a king, never mind a knight.

After Darklyn disappointed his Grace as Hand of the King, his Grace gave the job to Eyron, to safe guard the realm. If Eyron were to be raised by his father he never would've been ready for such a task. Thank the gods that he was not. The Harlans went from high lords in the north to warden and lord to the entire north, while also now being named hand to the king. Opening the doors to the entire realm in which the Harlans had never truly been a part of. Eyron would continue on though, trying his hardest to ensure that no wars would happen while he was Hand of the King.