House Redwyne is currently ruled by Lord Petyr III. He became lord in his 30th year and soon looked to continue the prosperity that the Arbor enjoyed under his father. He originally married for love to one of his vassals, the Lady of a small city. The marriage only brought a female and no more children looked likely for the young Lord. She proved herself in almost every form, excelling in war, diplomacy and was good with numbers, she was a perfect heir and was betrothed to the formidable second son of the Lord of Tarth until the King named him to the Kingsguard days before their marriage was planned. This infuriated Lord Petyr but he kept his misgivings silent. His daughter was given the land of an Umber instead and he soon served as Master of Laws. Shortly after, Petyr's wife died and he ended up marrying the young daughter of Lady Oakheart after being rejected by Tytos Lannister for his daughters hand. This marriage gave Petyr a son and heir who has since been betrothed to Lord Arryns daughter, who serves as a cupbearer for Lord Petyr. Petyr then made moves to secure the Ashford's as his allys as he harboured ambitions to take Oldtown and all their lands and incomes.

Lord Petyr launched an invasion in his 47th year, after initial success the war became a stalemate with both the Arbor and Oldtown falling. The fight of the Hightowers was impressive, fending off three Lords of the Reach and in the end both parties agreed to end the fighting. The second invasion of Oldtown was much more successful and was launched the the 55th year of Petyr Redwyne's life. A Pyrrhic victory for the Redwyne army threw the first wave of Hightower attackers back into the ocean, but as reports of a larger second army on it's way, the Redwyne army fleed the island to combine their army with the Oakhearts and the Ashford's. A victory over the Oldtown defenders brought about the fall of Oldtown itself but not long after the news of the fall of the Arbor reached Petyr. Not to be dismayed, he pressed on, sacking three of the minor towns neighboring Oldtown. This led to Leyton Hightower sailing his army back to Oldtown to retake the city. Four battles were fought in a single day and four battles were won by the Redwyne army. Lord Petyr had routed what remained of the Hightowers army and claimed victory. The damage has been done and Petyr will have to decide whether he should rebuild all that was lost in the war or continue on with his conquests.