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House Royce of Runestone are an old and powerful noble house, sworn to House Targaryen as Lord Paramount of the Vale.

Their seat is the ancestral castle Runestone, located on the coast of the narrow sea north of Gulltown. The Royces of Runestone blazon their arms with black iron studs on bronze, bordered with runes and their motto, is "We Remember".

Lord Robar "the Lewd" Royce 7998 - 8XXX

Like most members of House Royce, Robar is a large man. He is described as tall, broad shouldered, sinewy and skilled at arms. Robar often went wenching and had a number of affairs in his youth. He is obsessed with past slights on his House, and prickly when it comes to his honour.

When the Dragon King Aegon invaded the Mountain and Vale, Robar was quick to see that his overlords and ancestral enemies, the Arryns of the Eyrie, were unfit to stemm the tide. He was the first major lord in Westeros to bend the knee to King Aegon, and together they marched to the Eyrie.

When the combined Targaryen-Royce forces showed up at the Eyrie, Lord Ronnel, a mere boy of 8 years, was convinced by his regent-mother Sharra Arryn that his cause was lost and the young boy surrendered the Vale to Aegon Targaryen, First of his Name.

After House Royce fought for the Dragon in the Great Coalition War against the Shield of Westeros, King Aegon Targaryen in the year 8003 appointed Robar Royce Lord Paramount of the Vale and Warden of the East.

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