NOTE: I didn't play them in the first session (up to 8022), so every events detailled here from before 8022 where ether informations coming from other players, informations from the game (dates, who own what when) or simple logic and intuition.

House Targaryen
250px-House Targaryen crest
Coat of Arms Sable, a dragon thrice-headed gules
Words Fire and Blood
Seat Storm's End (until 8201)

Little Rhoyne (Since 8202)

Current Lord Unknown Lord
Region Stormlands (until 8201)

Pentos (since 8202)

Title(s) Lord Paramount of the Stormlands (8022-8158)

Lord of Storm's End (8022-8201)
Lord of Little Rhoyne (8202- )

Ancestral Weapon Dark Sister
Previous House Heads
1. Vaemond Targaryen
2. Baelon Targaryen
3. Maelon Targaryen
4. Aegor Targaryen
5. Aenys Targaryen
6. Lia Targaryen
7. Aeryn Targaryen
8. Daemon Targaryen
Additional information

Vaemond Targaryen (8022-8068)

Before being Lord Paramount (8005-8022)

Vaemond Targaryen is the fourth son of King Aegon Targaryen. Being born in 8005, or one year before the surrender of the Stormlands and the unification of Westeros, the young Targaryen never knew the continent before it was conquer by his father. To him, Westeros was the legitimate land of House Targaryen.

When he was only one years old, his father tried to force a marriage between him and Lady Lia Durrandon, who was 4 years old at the time, hoping to bring an end to the Durrandon. But in the end, Aegon was force to back off due to pressions.

When he was 5, his mother Rhaenys took him for his first flight on her dragon Meraxes. That's when he discovered he was afraid of heights. His mother still recalled him crying during the entire flight. Still to this day, Vaemond refuse to ride with his parents on their dragons.

As Aerion and Jaehaerys (1th and 2th sons) were traine by their father, Vaemond and his older brother Aegon (the 3th son) were raise by the Commander of the King's Guard, Ronnel 'the White Griffin' Connington.

It is around is 12th or 13th birth day that he realise his attraction for his brother Aegon, the kind of attraction he should have for his sister and bride Valaena, who he liked, yes, but only as a friend (the idea of marrying her never pleased him).

One day, when he had free time, he went to see his his brother Aegon (who was Commander of Oldtown at the time) and confessed his feeling for him, but Aegon just laughed, probably thinking it was some sort of joke. Realising it would never work, Vaemond decided to avoid his brother for the next years, so he could maybe forget about him.

Saddly, he never forgot, and Vaemond was crush by sadness when Aegon died from disease one year after the Year of the Revolts. Still, he grew up without his favorite brother, and become a competent men, although he stayed in the shadow of Jaehaerys and Aerion, his older brothers.

Two years after the four revolts were crushed, his father decided to give his fourth son the Stormlands, including the lands that were actually to House Durrandon and House Toyne. After Aegon chased them from Storm's End and Blackheart, he gave them to Vaemond, thus making him Lord Paramount at the age of 17.

Lord Paramount under King Aegon I (8022-8036)

Vaemond didn't get times to adapt from his change of life. In 8022, a rebellion composed of Lords of the Stormlands (House Tarth, Caron and Bywater) tried to usurp the Stormlands for Myrcella Durrandon, daughter of the old king Argilac. Vaemond, surprised by the attack, asked his brother Jaehaerys for help. He was rappidly join by Lord Twyle Lannister, the 2th son of Loren Lannister, last King of the Rock.
Vaemond Targaryen

Vaemond Targaryen, forgiving the Stormlands's Lords

The war only lasted 2 years, but many things happened during that time. First, Vaemond met in a Valyrian man named Haegon Farnaryen, and shortly after they became lovers. It's also during the war that the young Targaryen was knighted while leading his army, which boosted the moral of his troops. Saddly, a dark new came to him during the war, in 8023, learning that his brother Jaehaerys was killed during a fight. Feeling responsible for the death of Jaehaerys, he took Jaehaerys's son Aegon as his squire.

In the end, the war was won by the Targaryen. Lord Matthos Tarth asked for a trial by combat, and won, killing a member of the Kingsguard. Later the same month, Vaemond freed the rebel, trying to start his reign as peacefully as possible. For the next two years, he ruled the Stormlands peacefully.

In 8026, Matthos Tarth asked him in duel for the Stormlands, claiming he had a great claim over it and that it should be his. Vaemond refused to fight Matthos, being lasy and affraid to die so young (especially since two of his brothers died in the last years), asking his father to be his champion instead, which Matthos accepted.

The fight took place in Oldtown, and numerous Lords decided to come, watching one of the most anti-Targaryen lord fighting the King. The fight ended rapidly, though, as Lord Matthos died from he second blow of Aegon. After that, none of the Stormlanders wanted to act against Vaemond. At the time, many lords say in Vaemond asking his father to be his champion an act of cowardice, but others saw it as a smart way for him to come out of this with his hands clean form any blood.

It's also about that time that he took Duncan Darklyn, the young lord and son of Damon Darklyn, one of the main Instigators of the Year of the Revolts, as his ward. Two years later, Duncan and Vaemond had a discussion about House Darklyn, both of them realising that they didn't know anything about Damon and Hosteen Darklyn, Vaemond only remebering them as peoples his father killed. They decided to go to Oldtown, searching for answers. It was Garse Gardener, Hand of the King, who told them about the old Darklyn Lords and the Year of the Revolts, while Vaemond was making some joke on the fact his father killed those traitors. He then showed Duncan and Aegon (son of Jaehaerys, who was with them) his brother Aegon's tomb, trying to explain to them that family was important.


Cossomo, the pentoshi carpet merchant indirrectly responsible for the Year of the Revolts

Vaemond stayed at least two years in Oldtown, happy to be back in the city where he was born years ago. During his time there, he tried to participate in the Tourney of Oldtown, but he wasn't able to qualify himself for the main Tourney. It's also during that time that Cossomo, the pentoshi who had a daughter with Orys daughter, and in a way the man responsible for the Year of the Revolts, arrived to Storm's End, a fact that he would hide from his father.

But what shocked the most Vaemond was his father. During the feast following the Tourney of Oldtown, Aegon, 57 years old at the time, asked for his brother Orys. Everyone at the table was confused, and Garse Gardener tried to make up some lie. Vaemond finally told his father that he killed Orys, and that Orys was a traitor. Aegon entered in a rage against his son, punching him numerous times in from of everyone. Aegon then shouted to his son to leave, which Vaemond did, confused by his father comportements.

In 8032, while his first daughter Rhaenys (named after his mother) was born, his father's condition went worst. The King mistook the actual Baratheon Lord for his brother Orys, and the Baratheon faked to be his ancestor. Aegon then gave to his ''brother'' a dragon egg. When Vaemond heard the new, he rushed to Garse Gardener, telling him they had to stop his father. Garse only answered ''Unlike you, I wanna live.''

Two years after Aegon gave a dragon egg to the Baratheon, Vaemond decided to return at Oldtown with Duncan Darklyn, now his squire. As he arrived, he found his father planning war against Brandon ''The Black Wolf'' Stark, who died 5 years ago in exile. When his father noticed him, he mistook him for his 3th son, Aegon, the first love of Vaemond. This error from his father was really hard on Vaemond. Although Bannermans in the Stormlands were expanding witouth his autorisation, he decided to stay with his father, willing to stayat his side when he would die. It happened two years later, when the cenyle King was in Dorne with Garse Gardener and Vaemond. He died from a depression, his son at his side. Vaemond second daughter, Baela, was born a few days before Aegon death.

During the last years he passed with his father, he recieved a Dragon egg from Aegon.

Lord Paramount under King Aerion I (8036-8039)

After his father's death, he stayed a little bit in Dorne, letting his sister-wife recovered from the birth of Baela, during which Lord Martell proposed a mariage between a Martell and his first daughter, which he refused. When he finally arrived at Oldtown, he witnessed Lord Garse Gardener facing a trial by combat. To this day, Vaemond never knew what was the crime Garse was accuse of.

Targaryen 10

Vaemond charging Balerion

Aerion rappidly named his brother Master of Coin, post Vaemond would occupate with proud and competence, despite is lazy nature. While tey were preparing Aerion's crowning, a problem came up. Balerion, Aegon's old dragon, had gone wild, burning houses of Oldtown. At first panicking, Vaemond regained his cold blood when his brother gave him Dark Sister and asked him to stand at his side like Orys did for their father during the Conquest. Fueled of this newfound courage, Aerion and Vaemond charged Balerion, making their way in the burning city. After a hard fight, Aerion finally tamed Balerion, becoming his new rider. Since Vysenia died about the same time they were fighting Balerion, Aerion offered his help to Vaemond if he wanted to face Vaghar and tamed the dragon, but Vaemond refused, remembering his brother that he's affraid of heights.

Vaemond was present during his brother's crowning and the tourney that followed it. During those days, he became good friend with Lord Perkin Brune, the son of the Lord Godry Brune, the predecessor of Garse Gardener as Hand of the King.

The Old Palace

The Old Castle at Sunspear, seat of House Martell

After he tried to solve some problems in the Stormlands about his expanding bannermen (with little to no succes), he joined his brother in Dorne. There, Aerion negociated a bethrotal between Vaemond second daughter and a member of House Martell. Although he was no really in favor of the bethrotal, Vaemond accepted to please his brother.

As Vaemond, Aerion and Martell were on their way to Oldtown, the king felt of his horse. Before anyone could do something, scorpions came out of nowhere and attacked him, killing Aerion with their poison. Vaemond was forced to watch his last brother died in front of his eyes, holding the dead corpse of the King. Realising he was the last brother alive, he began to cry. He was the last son of Aegon to live. He was alone.

Lord Paramount under King Daemon I (8039-8068)

As he was returning to Oldtown with the corpse of his brother, he learned of the death of another Targaryen: his nephew Aegon, the son of Jaehaerys and his old squire. At this time, the Wall was defending against another King-of-Beyong-the-Wall, and Vaemond prefered to mourn his family instead of going North. Daemon, Aerion's son and the new king, was put under the protection of the Hand, Garse Gardener, who was charge of raising the futur king. During his nephew crowning, Vaemond told Garse :''If something happen to him, I'll hold you responsible!''

Daemon boy Targaryen

Young Daemon I Targaryen, nephew of Vaemond and new King of Westeros

During the 6 years he stayed at Oldtown, counceling his nephew, he always remained loyal to his nephew, the new king Daemon I. The beginning his reign was disturbed by Meraxes, Vaemond's mother's old dragon, who was rampaging in the city. The dragon killed numerous people before being tamed by a small lord. Even if Vaemond charged Balerion years before, he stayed this time with his nephew, thinking that the most important was to protect the young king, not fighting the dragon.

Haerys, his lover, died in 8041, which was a sad day for Vaemond... and a great day for his wife, who hated Vaemond and his lover.

He was also present when Duncan Darklyn fought Garse Gardener, a fight King Aegon asked for during his late years. At the time, many in the court were asking if Garse had become too old, doubting that he was still fit to be Hand of the King. Vaemond was among them. But with Garse vicotry over the young Duncan, Vaemond changed his mind and supported the old man, hopping to see him in as Hand for several more years.

In 8044, while he was in Oldtown with his family, Valaena gave birth to the third child of Vaemond, a boy they named Baleon. Strangelly, the kid was easely afraid, and cried days and night.
House Targaryen of the Stormlands (The Grand Campaign)

Vaemond during Lord Lyonel Caron's Rebellion

About the same time Daemon made a trip to the Iron Isles (a trip Vaemond was against), the last of Aegon's sons was forced to return in the Stormlands again. During his absence, many lords expended their lands without his approval, and while he was away he couldn't do anything, missing the strong leadership of his brothers. But when Lord Lyonel Caron tried to expand without asking, Vaemond decided it was enough. He tried to imprison Caron, but the lord escaped the attempt and rebelled against his liedge, trying to overtrow the Targaryen.

The war ended rapidly, and within a year (8045), lord Lyonel was imprisoned by Vaemond. Vaemond decided to let the old man rot in jail. After talking with Caron, he realize that the lord had convert to R'hllor, which disgusted Vaemond. When Caron asked for a trial by combat, the Lord Paramount refused, saying that the Trial by Combat was part of the Faith, and by renouncing to it Caron had renounced to his right for a trial by combat. He offered him in compentation a trial were lords would be judge, but Caron spat on him, claiming his sole Lord was R'hllor.

When he returned at Oldtown, he discovered that Daemon was replacing Garse Gardener by Orys Baratheon, grandson of the original Orys and cousin to the king. Vaemond, who had a great amount of respect for the old Gardener, and who wanted the title of Hand after the old lord's death, sided with Garse when he asked for a duel with Orys, which the king refused.

Frustrated of the influence Orys had on his nephew, Vaemond quited Oldtown with Garse, staying at Highgarden with him during some times. One night, as they were eating, Garse began looking at the shield used as the symbol for the Shield of Westeros years ago. When Vaemond talked about Orys control on Daemon, Garse proposed him to put Aegor, the grandson of Jaehaerys, on the throne. Vaemond told him it was madness and that he would never fight a Targaryen. Garse eventually confessed he just wanted to die, which leaved the Targaryen perplexed of their meeting.


Balerion the Black Dread

He only had the time to talk about it with Lord Argilac Tarth,the son of Matthos Tarth and grandson of King Argilac I Durrandon, as a war that no one saw coming started in 8049. A Valyrian woman named Rhaelle, who had become Balerion's rider, tried to conquer Westeros with her dragonand her 6500 men. Although her dragon was feared in the 7 Kingdoms, everyone answered the King's call to arm. The war was short, and Rhaelle was rapidly defeated. After the war, Daemon tamed Balerion, regaining his family ancestral dragon.

The following year, Vaemond sister's wife, Valaena, died from poor healt. This was no surprise to the court of Storm's End who didn't see the Targaryen woman for quite a long time because of her frequent sicknes during the last years. Even if Vaemond cried during the funeral, many said that Aegon's 4th son was happy of this since his relation with his wife had become a living hell because of Vaemond sexuality and because of her love of their mad son, Baelon. Shortly after her death, Vaemond recived many marriage offers, including one from his good friend Lord RIcasso Dayne, who proposed him to marry his first daughter, but he refused each of them.

The same year, Ricasso came with another proposal for Vaemond. Since Vaemond was already raising Ricasso's son Edric, the Lord offered to raise Vaemond's son and heir in exchange. Vaemond, happy to get rid of his mad son Baelon, and hoping this could help the young boy, accepted, even though Baelon opposed to the idea, fearing it was a conspiracy to kill him, which Vaemond didn't believe.

In 8051, two year after Rhaelle failed conquest, Vaemond had a border problem with Lord Dickon Gardener, the son of Garse Gardener. Blueburn, dejure part of the Reach, was now part of the Stormlands trough inheritance. Vaemond refused to give Blueburn to the Reach, since it would mean renouncing to the Dornish Marches. After a few skirmishes, the matter was settle, and everyone got their respective lands.

In 8054, Vaemond finally decided who would be the new lord of the Dornish Marches. He chose Willem Tarth, the younger brother of Lord Argilac Tarth, who he raised years ago. He choosed to name the Tarth because he knew he would remain loyal to him, and because the Dornish Marches needed a military leader, which he was.

When King Daemon I invaded the Stepstones between 8052 and 8055, Vaemond was among the one helping his nephew, even personnally taking Wreckstone with his army and ships. The same year, he chose to name Lord Argilac Tarth his Captain of the Household Guards for his loyalty. He also let him invade Bronzegate, even if Lord Devin Langward (the house that replaced the Bywater in Kingswood) opposed to Tarth expansion.

In secret, he expressed to Lord Argilac Tarth his fears about his mad son Baelon. When Argilac said that he would protect the young boy, Vaemond responded that he wanted him to kill Baelon if his son would become like King Aegon was in his late years or a danger for the realm. 4 years later, he would ask the same thing to his good friend Duncan Darklyn.

By the year 8058, Vaemond heard of the presence of Bellos Tully in Kingswood. He rappidly got their, where he met for a second time the Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, the first time being when Bellos became lord paramount at the age of 32. Bellos, who was here because Lord Devin Langward owned land in the Riverlands, was suprised when Vaemond offered to solve the problem. He offered Lord Devin the lands of House Farring if he would give back his lands in the Riverlands, which he did. After leaving, the TUlly said he would be in Vaemond's debt, to which he answered that he just had to serve his nephew loyally and they would be even.


Oldtown, Westeros capital

In 8061, he had a personnal discussion with Orys Baratheon, Hand of the King and grandson of Vaemond's

uncle Orys Baratheon. Vaemond told Orys he didn't trust him, and wanted to know if his nephew would be safe after his death (which he tought would be soon). He also admitted that he always concidered Daemon as his son, and always hoped that Baelon was a bastard.

He organized a tourney at Storm's End in 8063, which was won by Vaemond Tarth, son and heir of Lord Argilac Tarth. Vaemond was honestly happy to see the young man win, especially since he was named after him.

The next year, it was time for a fatefull moment that Vaemond always feared; his son marriage. Vaemond was indeed gonna marry the second daughter of Daemon, Rhaenys, which would help to bring closer the family link between the two Targaryen families. But nether Vaemond or his son smilled that day, both having something else in mind.

Saddly for Vaemond political plans, Rhaenys died in 8066, shortly after she gave birth to a daughter named Alearys. At the time, Vaemond was one of the three judges in the tribunal were Lord Morton Royce faced Lady Elspeth Belmore. When the news reached his nephew's ears, Daemon entered in a rage so big he left the place, leaving everything into the hands of his Hand. Vaemond would latter marry his son to his second daughter Baela, who's husband died the same year.

The year 8067 was hard for Vaemond. His lover died of sickness as he was dealing with a war between his bannermen, the Tarths and the Langwards. This was too much for the old man, who was thinking of suicide. Full of doubts about himself, he decided to seek advice to his friend Duncan Darklyn, but when they finally met in 8068, the old Targaryen died as he was talking with his friend, who couldn't save him. And so the 4th son of Aegon died, joining his brother after 29 years alone.


Most of the maesters who studied the Stormlands history can easely split Vaemond'a rule in two. The first part was when he was young and carefree, were he was honest without really any political experience. During those years, he would be honest and disinterested in most of the things, even making fun of serious businesses.

Vaemond Personnal Sigil

Vaemond personnal Sigil, a four headed dragon, asserting his place as 4th son

The second part would be when he became a competent and matured lord, dealing with important issues and thinking of the big picture. The maester don't agree on the exact time when he matured to become the man he would be remember for. Some say it was the insanity of his father that forced him to grow up. Others say that it was his brother's reign and his first years as Master of Coin that helped him. A few say that it was the lost of his last brother and the fact of being the last surviving son that made him into a true lord. Wathever it was, the second part of his reign is mostly concidered as a competent one, were the Stormlands economy would grow and surpass the one during the Durrandon's reign.

As Master of Coin, a post he occupated from 8036 to his death (8068), history will remembered him for his good and competent work in the office. His grestest exploit was to help the trade to continue and florish in Oldtown after the numerous dragon's attack on the town at the beginning of Aerion I and Daemon I reigns, altought the importance of both Vaemond and Garse Gardener, the Hand of the King at the time, is debated between maesters.

His portrait in the Stormlands is less glorious than in Oldtown. Although he did helped economy in the region, he is concider by many maester as a weak of will, his bannermen waving wars in his lands without his autorization. He would never dare implicate himself directly in those wars (with the exception of the Caron case), expecially for the rivality between the old and powerfull Tarth and the rising house of the Langward. Still, hir rule is mostly remember for the submission of the Stormlanders, who lost interest in independance and accepted the Targaryen as rulers of Westeros.

Baelon Targaryen (8068-8076)

Before being Lord Paramount (8044-8068)

In 8044, as Vaemond was still in Oldtown, advising the young king Daemon, his sister-wife gave birth to a third child. The two first ones being girls, Vaemond feared that he would never have a son. Hopefully for him, it was a young boy that was born in the capital.

At first, Vaemond couldn't contain his joy of having a son, showing him to Oldtown court for days. But the baby rapidly became frenetic during night, crying and attacking everyone who tried to pick him.


Young Baelon

Raising Baelon was a living hell for Vaemond, especially after his sister-wife died. The kid would often talk to himself (or at least, that what Vaemond hoped) when he was in public and would ask for the death of trees and cats who had ''insulted him''. When Vaemond asked his maester about his son ''condition'', the maester only answered:''Remember your father in his last years?'' The answer didn't please Vaemond at all.

Around 5 years old, Baelon began to see ennemies everywhere, including among the deads. One day he even awoke his dad in the middle of the night, saying his uncles's ghosts were planing to kill his dad so he could join them in death. Vaemond looked at his son and said with an angry voice to never joke again about his uncles.

When Lord Ricasso Dayne, one of Vaemond's good friends, offered him to teach his son in exchange the Targaryen would raised his own son, Edrid Dayne, Vaemond gladdly accepted, happy someone else would take care of this problematic son. Baelon, who feared it was only a plot to kill him, wanted to refuse, but his father made it clear. He would go with Ricasso.

When he returned, he was more paranoid then ever. When he was married to the daughter of his cousin King Daemon I, Baelon believed that the king intended to kill his branch of the Targaryen and take the Stormlands for himself. To be sure he had an heir, he would even consume his marriage with Rhaenys before the official celebrations, which didn't please his father. Although his wife was truly in love with her husband, Baelon never even smiled at her. And when she died shortly after giving him a daughter named Alearys in 8066, it is said he drinked to his wife death and that he never appeared to her funerals.

Lord Paramount under King Daemon I (8068-8076)

When his father passed out at the age of 63, he was in the Stormlands, supposely ploting against King Argilac Durrandon ghost. When he heared the new, he began to fear for his own life, hiding himself in Storm's End. Although he never had a good relation with his father, it is said he cried on his father's grave many time after the funerals in Storm's End.

Lord Duncan Darklyn, following Vaemond's instructions, arrived at Storm's End with 7000 men in order to watch and guide Baelon, hoping the young Targaryen would not turn into a madman. But Baelon heard about the fact Duncan was with his father when he died, and rappidly accused the Darklyn of murdering his father, and even accusing him of his father death, saying Duncan wanted the end of his dynasty. Although Duncan tried to convince Vaemond's son he was there to help, Baelon refused to listen, claiming he would never trust the Darklyn. In the end, Duncan decided to leave Storm's End ans go to Oldtown in hope of revealing Baelon's mental state.

Baelon 2

Baelon as Lord Paramount of the Stormlands

A similar story would come with Lord Argilac Tarth, Captain of the Household Guard. When he asked if he could expand, Baelon replied that he didn't wanted a traitor to have lands close to Storm's End, and accused R'hllor of plotting his death. Twice, Argilac tried to use R'hllor power to heal Baelon mental state, but each times Baelon panicked, thinking Argilac was trying to murder him. At some point, he even accused Argilac to plot his doom with Tarth's granfather, King Argilac Durrandon.

At the general surprised, especially Duncan, who never expected to see him there, Baelon came to Oldtown for the mariage of the daughter of his cousin King Daemon I. There, he discovered Duncan was trying to limit his power in the Stormlands, saying Baelon was mad. Baelon replicate by accusing Duncan of murdering his father and trying to invade the Stormlands. In the end, Baelon fled the town, fearing for his life in the capital.

The worst of Baelon would come with his only daughter. Alearys was known in Storm's End to have inherite her father's paranoia, to the point she only let her father approched her. When she turned 6, he decided to raise her himself, having no trust in anyone else for the job and fearing they would kill his only heir. But the following year, he began to fear Aleanys, thinking she was somewhat plotting to kill him and take his place. One night, he took Dark Sister and entered his daughter's room. While she was awekening, he beheaded her, becoming a kinslayer like his grandfather Aegon. He then called his Captain of the Household Guard, Argilac Tarth, and told him to dispose of the body, which he did. Argilac burned the body, and Baelon burried the head in his garden, which would only be discovered 5 years later. He also wanted to execute his sister Rhaenys, thinking she was plotting to put her son Maelon on the throne, but both Maelon and his mother had flee Storm's End, hiding somewhere Baelon couldn't find them. After numerous searchs, he was forced to admit they escaped him..

The disappearance of his daughter and the rumor of his desire to kill his sister lead numerous bannermen to hate him. In 8073, two revolts bursted again him, both trying to put his nephew Maelon to power. The rebellions were violents and brutals. But the worst was yet to come.

Reach armies

Gardener's troops helping Argilac to conquer the Stormlands

In 8074, he asked Argilac Tarth to help him put down the revolts. But instead, Argilac betrayed the Targaryen, who by now had lost all his support (with the expection of House Langward, who supported him until his death), and tried to claim the Stormlands for himself as son of Myrcella Durrandon and grandson of King Argilac Durrandon. Argilac was soon joined in his war by two lords paramount: Edmyn Gardener of the Northern Reach and Ondrew Brune of the Claw. Baelon send numerous ravens to his cousin, asking for help, but they were never answered. In the end, Baelon forces were crushed and killed, loosing every battle. After his victory, Argilac became Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, keeping Baelon in jail.

But it was not the end of Baelon. His cousin King Daemon, finally realizing what hapenned, declared Argilac a traitor of the realm and asked him to give back the Stormlands. When Argilac refused, Daemon waged war against the Tarth. This time, Gardener and Brune would fight against Argilac, hoping they could regain the king's trust. During the battle, Baelon was able to escape his cell, and with a boat he regained Storm's End. In the end, Argilac would be defeated and executed in the first month of 8075, ending the Tarth reign in the region. For their loyalty in the conflict, the Langward were awarded the Highlordship of Tarth. Baelon was, once again, Lord Paramount of the Stormlands.

Storm's End

Storm's End

But the peace would not last long. The rest of his bannermen, who continued their war for Maelon even when Argilac took the Stormlands (with the exception of his nephew Tommen Tarth of the Dornish Marches), returned in force against the mad Targaryen, hoping to bring his nephew Maelon to power. Again, two revolts rose against Baelon. Because of the war with Argilac, his troops were reduced to a few thousand of men. Leading numerous battle, he lost all of them, and by the year 8076, he was forced to return to Storm's End and plan a counter attack.

However, he would not live long enough to put it in practice. Seing everything that happened in the Stormlands. Lord Duncan Darklyn decided to make his way to Storm's End. He entered the main room, were Baelon was holding a strategic meeting with his advisers. Baelon was surprised to see Duncan, asking him what he was doing here and if he was going to help him. But Duncan approached with a sad face and said: ''I'm sorry, Baelon...''. Before the Targaryen could do anything, Duncan put his sword thorugh his heart, following Vaemond supreme ordrer, and this killing Baelon. With his death, his nephew Maelon would succeed him, thus ending the revolts.


The 8 years were Baelon ruled the Stormlands were a disaster. His paranoia kept him away from the real issues, seeing everyone as a enemy instead of a potential ally. Everyone who tried to help him were rejected by him, as he feared for his life. In 5 years, he was able to lose every political supports his father builded during the last 50 years, which led to the many revolts at the end of his rule.

The short and brutal transition of power during Argilac rise and fall from power didn't help ether, causing instability in the Stormlands. Those wars led to an economic downfall, and to a rise of crime in the region, which was kept in check during Vaemond's era. His death bring the end of what is possibly the most desatrous Targaryen rule of a Targaryen in the Stormlands, if not on Westeros.

Many maester still argue today about the origin of Baelon's madness. Many see a link between him and his grandfather, the mad king Aegon I, as both of them were mad and kinslayer. This theory is still not unanimous, as many point out that Aegon only gained his madness in his lattest years, and the difference between Baelon personnality and his father's personnality. Another theory say that he would be a bastard, even if few believe this when Baelon was alive.

Theories of Bastardy

Because of his madness, the fact that Vaemond never really concidered Baelon is son (or at least never loved him like his nephew King Daemon, who he always saw as his son) and numerous rumors about lords trying to prove Baelon bastard's origin, some maester think that Baelon was not the son of Vaemond, but a bastard from Valaena and a lover. The identity of the ''true'' father is still subject to debates, as many could have been Baelon's father (if this theory is true).

-Qoherys Waters: One of the most popular theory involve Vaemond and Valaena bastard brother, born from the love between their mother Rhaenys and a dronishman named Ricasso of Sandgate, who was famous for riding Vhaegar after Visenya death and who became Commander of Oldtown and captain of the Household Guard of the King. The advocates of this theory point out the childhood friendship between Qoherys and Valaena, the attractiveness of Qoherys and the fact he became a septon soon after. But others point out that Qoherys was an homosexual, just like Vaemond, and that he became septon because of his wife death, which was two years after Baelon's birth.

-King Daemon I Targaryen: The madness of Baelon may originate from a child of both descendant of King Aegon, which Daemon was. Another evidence of Daemon being the father of Baelon is the fact Baelon was born in Oldtown, as Vaemond was helping his nephew. If this theory was true, Baelon would then be a youthful indiscretion from Daemon, who was 16 when Baelon was born. Those who refute this theory point out that the argument of the madness doesn't work, since Vaemond was himself the son of Aegon.

-Garse Gardener ''the cynical'': Some maester believe that Garse Gardener, a man who cumulated title during his life (Lord Paramount of the Northern Reach, General of Westeros's armies, Hand of the King), may have been Baelon's father. When Baelon was born, Garse was depress, with no woman in his life to help him, and with a strange desire to die. Vaemond and Valaena always admired the old man, and was among, so some maesters theorize that she came one night to comfort the Hand, which gave birth to Baelon. Many believe this theory doesn't make sense, since there is no proof that such event happenned.

-Loren II Lannister ''the smal lion'': Grandson of King Loren Lannister of the Rock and Lord Paramount of the Westerlands at the time, Loren already had an adventure with a valyrian woman before. He became the lover of Viserra, who was King Aerion I third wife. Together, they had a bastard girl named Lyssa Water. The story break up the couple, and they never saw each other after that. Many maester theorize that the Small Lion choose Vaemond's sister-wife as his next lover, which resulted in Baelon. Again, there is no proof such event ever happened, which is why many don't believe this theory.

-King Aerion I Targaryen: A maester name Kevan advance the theory that Valaena, forgot by her brother-husband, choose to fall in the arms of her only other brother still living, Aerion, which resulted in Baelon. Most of the maester laught at Kevan's theory, since Aerion was death 5 years before the birth of Baelon.

Maelon Targaryen (8076-8110)

Before being Lord Paramount (8053-8076)

Maelon is the only child of Rhaenys, Vaemond first daughter, and her husband Maelor, a grandchild of Prince Jaehaerys, the 2th son of King Aegon and older brother of Vaemond. Their mariage was organized by Vaemond, who believe the idea of purity of the line, and refused to marry his potential heir (which was Rhaenys at the time) to anyone except a fellow Targaryen.

The couple finally gave birth to a son in 8053, a young boy they named Maelon. At the time, uncle Baelon was 9 and his grandfather Vaemond was 48. During most part of his young, Maelon would have a peacefull and carefree childhood. His father, who liked gardening, passed numerous times in the garden with his son, and he loved listenning to his mother's poems, as she told him sotries about dragon riders and Targaryen. He always respected his grandfather, an everyone who came to Storm's End remembered the young boy as polite and lovable. His only difficult relation was with his uncle Baelon, who accused Maelon and his mother of plotting his death.

Maelon was raised by his mother, a choice that was approved by Vaemond himself. She would raised him to become a kind and courageous man, although the young boy began to ambition the Stormlands, rapidly realizing he was favored by his grandfather over his uncle, who was the heir. Maelon was not a fighter though, and since his mother raised him, he never became a knight, which he never saw as a drawback.

But his peacefull life was not meaned to last forever. In 8068, Vaemond died, and it was Baelon who inherited the Stormlands. Baelon madness became apparent to many in the court, including Rhaenys. Many feared what would happen, especially after Lord Duncan Darklyn arrived with 7000 troops one day.

Even if his mother forbid him to have contact with his uncle, Maelon once tried to talk with Baelon. It happenned a night when his mother was out and his father visiting his family in Dragonstone. Maelon was Baelon were eating together while a storm was raging outside. During the entire meal, Maelon remembered that his uncle was always keeping his eyes on him, judging him with a mad gaze. When Maelon kindly asked his uncle how he could be of any help, Baelon felt in silence for at least ten long minutes. When Maelon began to ask what was going on, his uncle sudently throw his cup to him, which he was just able to avoid at the last moment. Baelon then grabed him, strangelling him, and said ''I know what your trying to do, you traitor. It won't work! NEVER!'' and then left, leaving Maelon, who was catching his breath. Maelon never talk again to his uncle again after this day.

In 8073, rumors came up about the disappearance of Alearys, Baelon's only daughter. Rhaenys, who believe Baelon killed his own daughter, decided it wasn't safe to stay anymore, and in the night, she fled with her son Maelon, hiding somewhere in the Stormlands. Maelor dcided to stay behind, so he could cover his family's escape and serve as a spy for them. He secretly reentered the castle, this time with a new identity, and serve his family well.

Then following year, Rhaenys was ploting the end of Baelon and trying to put her son Maelon at the head of the Stormlands. She was able to convince the bannermen of the necessity of fighting Baelon, and by 7084 two revolts rised against the mad Lord Paramount. Sadly for Maelon and his mother, his father Maelor also died the same year from great disease, even if Rhaenys always thought Baelon poisonned her husband.

Meria Dayne

Meria Dayne, Maelon's wife

During his years hiding in the Stormlands, he met Meria Dayne, a young woman born from a cadet branch of House Dayne. She was sociable, ambitious and was a talented fighter, which catched the eyes of Maelon. Maelon also remember she was somewhat attractive, from his point of view. he asked her if she wanted to serve in his court if he won the war against his uncle, which she accepted.

But his mother Rhaenys decided her son should married, so he could produce heirs to the Targaryen of the Stormlands. She was searching for some valyrian woman who could bear Maelon's children, but he decided to marry Meria instead, without consulting both of them. Meria accepted, happy to marry the futur Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. Even if Rhaenys protested, she was forced to accept her son decision.

Saddly, things didn't go just as planned. Lord Argilac Tarth, who remained loyal during most of the revolts, finally passed to action in 8075 and claimed the Stormlands with the help of the Claw and the Northern Reach. Baelon was put down, ys, but it was not Maelon who was in power, but Argilac. Many bannermen continued their war for Maelon, but others, like Lord Tommen Tarth of the Dornish Marches, nephew of Argilac, choose to stand down and served the new Lord Paramount.

King Daemon didn't like it, though. Rappidly, he would declare Argilac a traitor and reconquered the Stormlands for Baelon. With Baelon in prison, Rhaenys tried to convince her cousin the King to give the Stormlands to her son instead, but he refused, especially after Baelon escaped his cell. By the end of the year, Baelon had recover the Stormlands.

And so, the revolts started again. This time, Baelon was weakened by the war against Argilac, and he war forced to retreat to Storm's End to plan a counter attack. In the following days, a new reached the rebels. Baelon had been killed by Lord Duncan Darklyn. With this done, Maelon was able to succeed his uncle.

Three months before his uncle's death, his wife Meria gave birth to their first daughter, Daenaera, which gave him an heir for which the rebel could fight if he was to die, and so galvanized the rebels who were fighting against Baelon.

Lord Paramount under King Daemon I (8076-8095)

Maelon would be guide to Storm's End by the rebels who were fighting his uncle. When he entered the castle, he found Duncan Darklyn, waiting for his arrival. Duncan claimed ''it had to be done'' and that he would accept punishment for his actions. But Maelon stoped him, telling him he forgave him and that he understanded why Duncan killed his uncle, to which Duncan only answered ''Ionly hope the King will understand''. Duncan then left the castle and returned to Storm's End.

Maelon first action as lord paramount was to assure everyone who rebelled against his uncle or who fought for him that there would be no consequence to their actions, as he known they only acted on pure loyalty or desire of justice.

Later the same year, he would recieve a leter from Oldtown, writen by King Daemon I. The leter didn't even talk about Baelon dead or the rebellions against him. It only told that Maelon was recquire in Oldtown to be the new Castellan of the king, a duty he gladly accepted. He would rappidly prove to be a competent man in the job, and would serve the king with loyalty and skill.
Maelon 1

Maelon as Lord Paramount

The following year, Maelon was once again walking in his garden during morning, smelling flowers (a habit he got while being with his father Maelor). But this time, one of his servant who was working in the garden found something weird, and called his lord to check out. When Maelon saw it, he expulsed everyone out of the garden, then send a raven to Duncan Darklyn. When the Lord of Duskendale arrived, he confirmed that the discovery was Alearys's head. Maelon's cousin (and the only daughter of Baelon) disappeared years ago, and now they knew what happened to her. She was killed by her father. Both Duncan and Maelon were discuted by this, not understanding how Baelon, even as mad as he was, could have done this.

In 8083, Maelon was approched by both Lord Devin Langward and Lord Vaemond Tarth, both claiming the highlordship of the Straiths of Tarth as their righfulltitle, every land under it included. After earing both of them, Maelon refused to make the decision himself, claiming an important issue like this should be solved by a trial. He asked the King for it, but he answered he was too occupied for this, leaving the mather to Maelon instead. As judges for his trial were Lord Duncan Darklyn, Lord Jonn Belmore and Lord Quentyn Dayne, son of Vaemond's friend Lord Ricasso Dayne. Saddly, Duncan Darklyn died before he could come to Storm's End, and because of the trial Maelon wasn't able to pay his final respect to a family friend. Vaemond Tarth also died shortly before the trial began, his son Orys replacing him to defend his claim. By the end, both Jonn Belmore and Quentyn Dayne said that the island of Tarth was gonna stay to the Tarth, but the rest of the highlordship of the Straiths of Tarth would come under Lord Devin Langward, a decision which Maelon approved.

By 8085, his wife Meria was pregnant for the fourth time of their marriage. The third times before resulted in three daughters; Daenaera in 8076, Rhaenys (named after his mother) in 8079 and Rhaena in 8081. But this time, Meria gave birth to a young boy they decided to name Aegor, who then became the heir of Maelon.

Maelon was always raised with stories of dragon and dragon riders, including numerous stories about his great grandfather Aegon. He was amazed the first time he saw Balerion in Oldtown when he first came as castellan. From his uncle, he inherited the dragon's egg King Aegon gave to his grandfather Vaemond years ago. Nether him or Baelon tried to hatch it, and Maelon decided he would be the one doing it, already dreaming about riding his own dragon. On that idea, he decided to build a dragon pit in Storm's End, so he could raise the dragon easely.

Faith GoT by thegryph

The High Septon

He was one of the three judges for the trial of Lord Edmyn Gardener, who was accused of murder. But the trial never occured because of the High Septon. He claimed that King Daemon was crused by the Seven, and his men killed the dragon Meraxes and hurted Balerion. Numerous lords followed the High Septon, including Edmyn Gardener, the Lord Paramount of the Reach.

Maelon choosed to support his king, as Targaryen always stay together. Maelon main role in the war was to deal with his own bannermen who followed the High Septon against their King. During the war, Maelon was successful, winning battle after battle. For his numerous victory and for leading his men himself, he was knighted after the siege of Rainwood. He was later joint by Lord Devin Langward, who took care of the rebels in Rollingford. The war was won by the following year (8088).

During the war, Maelon, among other lords, warned the King about his recent convertion to the faith of R'hllor, but the king didn't listen. Many rebellions rose against the King and his new faith in the following years. Again, Maelon supported the King against the rebels, especially in the Reach, were he played a key part in the victories.

From 8089 to 8090, Maelon travelled across Westeros to learn about dragon. He first stopped in the Antlers, where the Shield of Westeros faced his great-grandfather King Aegon I. He then sailed for Dragonstone, where he learned about the origin of his dynastie, and also met numerous members of his father's side of the Targaryen. His last stop was Oldtown, where he learned about the kings and their dragons, and was even allowed to check in the Citadel's library.


Storm's End burning

When he returned for this trip, in 8091, he sens a letter to Lord Devin Langward so he could see Maelon's dragon hatch. But in the end Maelon didn't wait for Langward and tried to hatch his egg in a hurry. This mistake would cause a massive in the room, and the failure of the hatching. Storm's End ended up burning, and only a storm saved the castle. Maelon's first daughter, Daenaera, died during the incident. Maelon hold himself responsible for her death, which would later cause him a lot of stress in the following years.

In 8093, he would betroth his two surviving daughters. Rhaena would be betroth to Anders Yronwood, heir of House Yronwood, and Rhaenys would be betroth to the young Lord Normund Osrgey. Even if Maelon wasn't sure at first, he decided in the end to accept, fearing that his daughter might died like their older sister Daenaera if they stayed with him.

He was in Dorne for the marriage of his daughter Rhaena when he learned the news of King Daemon's death. He rapidly went to Oldtown for the crowning of the new Queen, Rhaena, were he would praised the woman and reaffirm his loyalty to the ruler of westeros as a targaryen himself.

Maelon 2

Maelon in his late years

Lord Paramount under Queen Rhaena I (8095-8109)

By 8098, the life of Maelon would be lighten by the birth of his second son, who he named Maelor in memory of his father Maelor, who died during the rule of his uncle Baelon.

By 8098, Maelon dreamed of recovering Blackwater Bay, which was de jure part of the Stormlands before. The Durrandon once tried to reconquer it, but they failed because of Aegon's conquest. His grandfather Vaemond was often pushed by the Longward to recover it, but he neer found the time to do it. Maelon decided it was time to recover those lands, a hard task for which he devoted years of his life.

He first started with Rollingford in 8098. The lordship wasn't under any Lord Paramount after their support to the High Septon 10 years before, and had since become an easy target for Maelon. he quickly conquered the land, puting it under his control.

The following year, he tried to counvince the Lannister to settle this peacefully. By three times he asked them to give Bramfort back, and each time he never got an answer. He decided to travel to Dorne, telling the Martell his plan to retrieve what should be his an to remain neutral, which they agreed. The same year, Maelon married his son and heir Aegor to the white haired Falyse Baratheon, niece of Lord Artos Baratheon. By 8100, he invaded the Westerlands in hope to conquer Bramfort. But the lannister, who didn't want a violent war, surrendered the lands to Maelon.

His last objective, Stokeworth, was old by House Brune, who ruled over the Claw. Maelon asked them to surrender him Stokeworth. But the young Lady Brune laughed at him, accusing him of menacing the King's Peace. But Maelon remebered him that the Tully broke the piece before, and that he did it himself against the Lannister. The Lady Brune refused though, saying that the Queen didn't support it. Maelon then tried to go see the Queen, but she refused to answer him.

When he was out of option, Maelon recieved the visit of Lord Mohor Tully, Lord Paramount of the Riverlands. When Mohor told him he wanted to recover Butterwell, which was now under the Stormlands, but rightfully part of the Riverlands, both men found a agreement. In exchange of Butterwell, Lord Mohor would help Maelon to recover Stokeworth from the Claw.

Battle 3

Battle of Stokeworth

By the year 8102, Maelon launched an attack on the Claw. He was soon join by Lord Mohor Tully, like agreed, and surprisely by Lord Quentyn Dayne of Starfall. Saddly, the Claw found allies too. The Chester (the new lords paramounts of the Reach after the Gardener's fall), who wanted to stop Maelon for breaking the King's Peace, and the Reyne, who found a way to inherite the Claw, tried to stop him. The biggest battle took place at Stokeworth, were 44000 troops of the Reach, lead personnally by their Lord Paramount, faced 37000 troops, lead by Maelon himself. After an hard struggle, the Stormlanders won the battle (some say it's Lord Eldon Langward's troops from Kingswood that helped Maelon win), and quickly the war ended in favor of the Stormlands by the beginning of 8103. Maelon finally reunited Blackwater Bay under the Stormlands's rule, altough it wouldn't last long as the Reyne would inherite Bramfort and take it under the Westerlands again.

To forge a durable frienship with Lord Mohor Tully, who helped him against the Claw, he sended his second son Maelor to be raised in Riverrun. In 8104 (the same year), he was called to Oldtown, were the Queen informed him she was naming him Hand of the Queen and Supreme Knight of Westeros. Maelon was honored by this, and make sure he could be up to the task. He also organized a Tourney in Storm's End to celebrate his nomination.

The following year, he make sure to repay the Queen her generocity by bethroting his grandson to her last daughter, Desmera. He also knighted his son Aegor during that time. This was later followed by the reconquest of Bramfort, and the final conquest of Blackwater Bay, which would remain under the Stormlands after his death. He also helped the Tully when they tried to reconquer Seaguard from the Lannister.

Lord Paramount under King Aeryn I (8109-8110)

When the Queen died, Maelon was in oldtown, and offered his help to the new King. He was rappidly called North by the Stark, who asked him if he could legitimate Marwyn Rivers , a bastard of House Tully who served them. Because of the bastard's loyalty to House Stark and Maelon's friendship with the Tully, he accepted. He was sick though, and died shortly after he legitimized Marwyn at the age of 57 years old. His remains were sent to Storm's End, and funerals where organized by his son Aegor.


After the horrible rule of his uncle Baelon, Maelon is see as a man who rebuilded the Stormlands and reclaim their loyalty after the events that happened during his uncle life. At the end of his life, every lord of the Stormlands was loyal to the Targaryen. His words were law, and nobody opposed him. Numerous maesters see Maelon as the greatest Targaryen to rule over the Stormlands.

Another thing that cement his legacy is his conquest of Blackwater Bay. Through numerous wars, he regained those lands lost century ago, when the Hoare chased the Durrandon out of the Riverlands. The fact that he succeed where everyone failed before (Targaryen or Durrandon) proved his talent. With the help of House Langward, he restored the military strenght of the Stormlands, which was shattered when he rised to power.

As Hand of the Queen/King and Supreme Knight, he is seem as a good manfor the offices, who was competent enough to do a good job, even if he wasn't a great Hand like Garse Gardener and others were. As Castellan, he did a weak job, as he wasn't present in Oldtown for most of his life. For this reason, he later became Master of Coin at the end of King Daemon's life, a job in which he was way better.

Maelon is often compared to his grandfather Vaemond, the first Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, as both had a long rule, served under three rulers and were Master of Coin. But were Vaemond was uncertain and lasy, Maelon was courageous and decisive, acting for the best.

Aegor Targaryen (8110-8111)

Before being Lord Paramount (8085-8110)

Aegor is born at Storm's End in 8085. Being the fourth child of Maelon and Meria, and the first three ones being girls, they hoped for a male heir that would inherit the Stormlands. Aegor came as an answer to his mother's prayer. Numerous names were proposed for the boy's name, including Aegon, Aerion, Vaemond and Maelor. But in the end, it was a new name they choosed, and named the baby Aegor, which was the name of the grandson of Jaehaerys fron the Targaryen cadet house living in Dragonstone. Lord Aegor, known as a saint and famous for his courage and honor, seems like a good patronym for the kid.

Since his young, his father's always wanted his son to become a great warrior like Aegon was, hoping his son would inherit the dragon Maelon wanted to hatch. With a dragon and good fighting skills, Maelon hoped his son would become famous through Westeros. And so, Agor was raised from stories of brave Targaryen fighting their enemies. Aegor always claimed his favorite story was the Duel between Orys and Aegon, and often expressed his dream of fighting in a duel like this.

Aegor was always close to his sisters. They liked him as their little brother, but he wanted to have a more intimate relationship with them, like Aegon with his sisters. He always dreamed of marrying his sister, like the Targaryen do sometimes (although it only happened a few times since Aegon's conquest). So when his father's betroth him to his older sister Daenaera (who was 9 years old), he was so pleased he wasn't able to sleep for three days. Altough she was older then him, he really liked her, espcially since she always protected him in his youth.

But his futur marriage would turn to dust when his father's tried to hatch a dragon egg. Thinking he had the knowledge to do so, Maelon tried to hatched it with his family watching. It turned amazingly wrong. Storm's End ended up in fire because of it. His sister Daenaera would died in the incident, and Aegor's own life was only save by a member of the King's Guard affected to Maelon's protection, who saved the young boy, even if the knight hurted himself doing so. A storm ended up extinguishing the flames, but the domages were done.

A month after his sister's death, Aegor was send by his father to Sunspear, where he would be teached by Lord Quentyn Martell, the old Hand of the King. Maelon asked the Lord Paramount of Dorne to raise his son as a warrior, which he did. Aegor doesn't remember the old Martell well, since the man as hill during most of his time in Dorne. A few months after his arrival, Quentyn died, and Maelon was forced to send his son elsewhere.

His next tutor would be Lord Annos Brune, Lord Paramount of the Claw. While he liked his time at Dyre Den, he admit he didn't like Lord Annos way to teach him, finding his father's teaching skills better (most of his fighting skills came from his father). Even so, he ended up as the squire of Lord Annos. But once again, his tutor died, this time in 8099 after 8 years of tutoring.


Aegor Targaryen

When he returned to Storm's End, he discovered the existence of a younger brother. Born the previous year, the young Maelor (named after their granfather) has been loved by his family without Aegor even knowing of his existence. At first frustrated, he rappidly began to like his younger brother, and took very seriously his role as older brother.

By this time, he was 14 and old enough to be married. The wife his father's choose for him was Falyse Baratheon, niece of Lord Artos Baratheon. When Aegor first met the girl, he though she was a Targaryen because of her hair color and valyrian traits. Even if this was a good surprise, he still would have prefer to marry one of his sisters, who were already married at the time. After that, he was send at Oldtown to end his tutoring, passing the next two years under the teaching of Queen Rhaena I.

When his father declared war on the Claw in 8102 to recover Stokeworth, Aegor first joined his father, leading some troops in his father's army. He helped siege Stokeworth, but when he learned that his wife was gonna give birth to their child, he returned to Storm's End, missing the Battle of Stokeworth. He arrived just in time to see his wife gave birth to their son, who was named Aenys.

By 8104, Aegor was finally knighted by his father Maelon, which was the first step of his dream. He later participate to the Tourney of Oldtown, but was hurt during a exchange, which forced him to quit the competition, thus bringing shame to his house. It's during the Tourney he first heard of Lord Artos ''Bloodaxe'' Baratheon, who rappidly became one of Aegor's idols.

Lord Paramount under King Aeryn I (8110-8111)

When his father died, Aegor had already 3 children; Aenys, Haera and Aegon, and his wife was giving birth to a fourth one. The child was a boy he named Maelon to honor his father. Saddly, the boy died stillborn shortly before Lord Maelon died of illness. And so, Aegor's ascension to Lord Paramount where sad days for him.

Aegor would not rule the Stormlands for long, as he became ill shortly after his wife announce she was pregnant. This was a great news for the lord, especially in a period of weak healt. He spoke to numerous courtisant, telling he would challenge his bannermen in duel after his recovery, just to know who's the best. But his condition got worst as his illness turn to a pneumonia, a deadly disease in those times. The maester told his wife Falyse that he may not survive to see his child birth. Even so, he was able to survive and fight the desease. Many though that the birth of his child would help him recover. Falyse gave birth to twins in 8011, a boy named Vaemond after the first Targaryen who ruled the Stormlands and Aegor great-grandfather, and a daughter named Viserra. But this moment of joy turned wrong when Vaemond died stillborn. This shock was too much for Aegor healt, who died some weeks after his son's death at the age of 25 from his pneumonia. It is say he was planning to organize a tournament in Storm's End at the time of his death.


Although the death of Aegor was a shock at the time and rembered in the following years each time one of his son was ill, his rule didn't have a great impact in history whatsoever. His dream of war, tourney and duel never came to reality because of his healt problems and injury, which forced him to stay in Storm's End for his entire rule. In his year and a half, he didn't accomplish anything worth remembering, to the point many maesters only know him as ''Maelon's son'' or ''Aenys's father''. Even so, many maesters point out their is worst, as some say ''Beter be forgot like Aegor than remembered like Baelon''.

Aenys Targaryen (8111-8134)

Before being Lord Paramount (8102-8111)

Aenys is the first son of Aegor Targaryen and his wife Falyse Baratheon. Being the first son of a first son, he was destined to become one day the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. When he was born, his wife proposed the name Maelon, which was Aegor's father's name, who was the actual Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. But Aegor, who was in a difficult relation with his father at the time, refused. He make up for it later, when he called his 3rd son Maelon (although he died stillborn).

When he was young, his dad told him stories about the hero of house Targaryen and Baratheon, like King Aegon I Targaryen or Lord Artos ''Bloodaxe'' Baratheon, though Aenys thought that most of thos estories were tales invented by his father instead of real life events. Except for those moments, he never really knew his father that much. Had the fact that his mother rappidly became occupied with the following children, and Aenys had a pretty lonely childhood in Storm's End. He was the only child in the castle except for his siblings, and he was never close to them.

Aenys jeune

Aenys as a young child

He don't remember well his grandfather Maelon, even if it's the men who influenced and controlled most of his childhood. When he was only 3, Aenys discovered his grandfather had betroth him to the last daugther of the Queen, who was about his age. His grandfather later took him to Oldtown, where he worked as Hand. But when they arrived, Maelon announced that Aenys would be teached by the Queen. But the Queen died the same year and Aenys was froced to return to Storm's End, where he would be raise by a local courtisant. He later learned from his grandmother that Maelon was planning to send him to the Iron Isles for tutoring when he died.

He was present in Storm's End during his father's rule. He saw two of his brothers died stillborn, which would haunt him for his entire childhood, fearing his death. This would increased when he became ill at the same time his mother was giving birth to twins and his father catching pneumonia. This was rapiddly fallow by his father's death, which traumatized the young boy (since he was present for the death). Aenys then became Lord Paramount at the age of 9, becoming the first child lord to rule the Stormlands since Lia Durrandon.

Regency (8111-8118)

When Aenys became the new Lord Paramount, he was too young to rule himself, so a regent had to step in. In this case, it was his grandmother Meria Dayne, who was named designated regent by her husband Maelon 30 years ago. Many bannermen weren't happy with her rise to power, but they were more or less forced to accept it since she was Maelon's wife. Saddly, she wasn't really good at the job, and even stole money from the coffers of the state.

To get rid of Aenys so she could rule without him standing in her way, she send him to be teached by Lord Samion Tarth, a descendant of Argilac Tarth (Samion is actually Argilac's great-great-grandson). But soon after his arrival, Lord Samion decided to take back Pendrose, which was suppose to be under the Langward, as specified in the Trial organised by Maelon when he became Lord Paramount. But Samion decided to use the fact he was teaching the young Targaryen to justify his claim over Penrose and influence Aenys. So even if the Langward tried to ask Aenys to stop the war, they weren't able to reach it. And for the regent, she didn't care at all during that time, only trying to keep her grandson away. In the end, the Tarth won Penrose and proclaim the Highlordship of the Straith of Tarth.

In 8113, one year after the victory of the Tarth, he asked Lord Samion about his grandfather (since Samion was tutored by Maelon), willing to know how he was. Tarth answered that Maelon was a great man, who served the kingdom and the Stormlands with justice and loyalty, and claimed the man as powerfull. Lord Samion died some months later.

By now, the problem of a good tutor came out. Many suggested to be his tutor, but Meria wanted to send him far away. In the end, she decided to follow her husband plans and send the young boy to Hammerhorn in the Iron Isles, where he would be raised by the Baratheon.

At first, Aenys was tromatized, still fearing for his life and healt after Lord Samion's death. But his first look at Hammerhorn cheer him up, as he was so impress by the place he forgot his sadness. He was happy when he first met Lady Lia Baratheon, who became his tutor.

Lady Lia Baratheon, Aenys mentor

During his years with her, he would ask about a lot of things, but mostly about the Baratheon and Targaryen. Aenys was mostly interested by the story of Aegon and Orys, still thinking it was a legend invented by his dad. She was the one who told him the truth about those events and also made him learned about the Durrandon, who ruled the Stormlands before his ancestor Vaemond arrived.

In 8115, he learned two things about what was happening in Storm's End during his absence. FIrst of all, his younger brother Aegon had been sent to the Vale were he would be teached by Lord Mandon Belmoore, who replaced the Royce as Lord Paramount of the Vale. But Aenys also learned that his grandmother was claiming to have proofs of his bastardy. Even if many refused to believe it, the damages were done. This would end any good feelings Aenys still had for his grandmother.

The following year, he send a letter to his bannermen, asking them to get rid of his grandmother as regent and to chose someone else for the office. But the lords of the Stormlands didn't had times to deal with this. News came that Mallador Durrandon, a descendant of King Argillac through his second daughter Myrcella, was gatthering troops in Lys to reconquer the Stormlands for the Durrandon. Although he didn't recieve help from the Lord Paramount of the Stepstones (who was also a Durrandon), many lord still feared his army. Aenys was able to return before his arrival, and was rappidly able to organize troops with the help of his councelors. In the end, Mallador was rapidly defeated. Many lords wanted his head on a spike, and others wanted the Durrandon to go free. Aenys asked his mentor Lady Lia Baratheon, who told him to send him to the wall, where a member of a prestigious house like the Durrandon could serve. He did what she suggested, and send Mallador to the Wall.

In 8117, he recieved a letter saying saying he was now in age to marry his fiance, the younger sister of King Aeryn I. This bethrotal planed by his granfather didn't pleased him, but accepted for political reasons. Desmara was then send to Hammerhorn where the marriage took place. 9 months later, the new couple gave birth to a daughter, which was named Lia after Aenys's mentor. During the pregnancy of Desmera, Aenys felt sick and catched a pneumonia. Many feared that he was going to end just like his father Aegor, dying at a young age from pneumonia. Some even notice the fact Aegor also catched pneumonia when his wife was pregnant. But with the help of Hammerhorn's maester and his will, he was able to heal and survive, returning to his normal state by the time his wife gave birth to Lia.

Before he quited Hammerhorn, he asked his mentor Lia why she was believing in the Old Gods, wich she answered by telling him the story of Orys Baratheon and Morra Stark. Aneys then thanks her for everything and leave Hammerhorn after 5 years there.

Lord Paramount under King Aeryn I (8118-8134)

Aeryn returned with his wife and daughter to Storm's End. There, he was greeted by his bannermen, happy to see their Lord Paramount returning to rule just like his ancestors did before him. Aenys's first action as Lord Paramount was simple; he imprisoned his grandmother for her crimes during her regency. He accused her of stealing the state and accusing him of bastardy. Twice she would ask Aenys to be released, even offering gold for it. But he refused each time. The King even tried to convince him to release her, but again he let her rot in jail. In 8122, the numerous pressions forced pushed him to judge Meria in a trial. She was found guilty and forced to join the sister of silence. Aenys never saw her after he passed his judgement.

In 8119, he was ask by the regent of Lord Selwyn (II) Tarth (the son of Lord Samion Tarth, his old mentor) if he could returne Sharp Point and Blackheaven to the Stormlands, as they were under the Reach at the time. Aenys decided to go on a journey to Oldtown, as the Lord Paramount of the Reach, Arnell Chester, was also Hand of the King. Aenys asked Lord Arnell if he could return the lands to him, but Arnell replied he wanted money for this, asking for 700 gold each. After numerous negociations and advices from the king, Aenys and Arnell agreed that Aenys would pay 500 gold for each land and then recieve the two back. During those 3 years he passed in Oldtown, Aenys had a daughter named Rhalla.

In 8124, his first daughter Lia was in age to be teach by someone. Aenys decided to send her to Hammerhorn, were she would be trained by Lady Lia Baratheon like he was. He even went with her so he could see Lia Baratheon again. As the two spoke of the good old days, Lady Lia also talked to him about what was happening beyond the Wall and the rise of a new King there. Aenys also promised his loyalty to Lia if she fought for the Wall against the wildlings.

Targaryen 2

Aenys Targaryen

The same year, he married his younger sister Viserra to Arnell Chester, the grandson of Lord Arnell Chester (who had been succeded by his son two years ago). By doing this, Aenys was hoping to gain an ally in the Reach and to find a way of regaining Sharp Point and Blackheaven faster.

The following year, Aenys and Desmera had a third daughter named Daenys. He also named Lord Selwyn (II) Tarth his new Captain of the Household Guards, as a way to repay Selwyn's father (Lord Samion) for the years he teached Aenys.

In the following years, numerous things happen. First, Manderfort, which was part of the Reach, felt under the Stormlands through inheritance. The Lord Chester proposed to give back Sharp Point and Blakcheaven in exchange for Manderfort, which Aenys accepted. Aenys also became frustrated of no being a knight, and decided to bride a septon for knightout in secret. Shortly after, he got injured in during a hunt around Storm's End, which forced him to abandon this activity.

In 8128, the Riverlands and the Vale decided to attack the Claw without warning or autorization from the king. King Aeryn I asked the two Lord Paramounts to stand down, but they refused. The King then called the Lords Paramount so they could put down the Tully and Belmoore who refused to obey. Aenys and his men tried to enter the Riverlands to fight, but the King asked them to wait in their lands. Aenys was forced to stay in Bramfort during the entire conflict, which ended with a white peace in 8130.

In the last year of the ''war'', Aenys met Lady Lia Baratheon again while she was also staying in Bramfort with her soldiers. She told him that she had a gift for him. At first, he didn't believe it when she gave him a dragon egg. She told him about her father, Lord Artos ''Bloodaxe'' Baratheon, who asked her to give the egg to the King if Blackwing had one. But she decided to give it to Aenys instead, which he thanked her, reaffirming his loyalty and frienship.

When he learned Lia's death in 8131., he quickly sailed for Hammerhorn. There, he spoke with Lia's son and new Lord Paramount of the Iron Isles, Robert Baratheon, a man he first met when he was teach by Lia. After paying his respect, they both spoke of the local politic. Aenys didn't like how Robert was talking of the King, and decided to leave before things got out of hand. He took his daughter with him, deciding to raise her himself from this point on instead of leaving her with Robert.

When he returned in Storm's End in 8132, he found Lord Arnell Chester waiting for him. THe Lord Paramount of the Northern Reach told him that King Aeryn I was naming him Castellan of the Iron Throne and that he wanted to speak with him. Their, the King named him his Hand, which was a great honor for Aenys.

Aenys rappidly learned of the realm situation. The Stark abandonned the Small Council, the regent of the Vale was meeting with Robert Baratheon and the Riverlands were raising Baratheon's banniers instead of Targaryen's ones. He tried to tell the King about it, but Aeryn I didn't believe a rebellion was coming, believe they were just a little bit frustrated.

During his time in Oldtown, Aenys felt sick, and the Great Maester told him to manage himself and get rest. But Aenys, thinking he could stop whatever was coming, refused, and double his efforts to stabilize the realm. He first decided to deal with the Tully, as the Riverlands were unstable and the population clearly anti-Targaryen at the time. He went personnally meeting Lord Ronel Tully in 8134. Saddly, his work and the disease were too much for him, as he died in Riverrun before he wa sable to told Lord Ronel the reason of his visit.


Aenys is remember today mostly for his role as Hand of the King and for his brave but foolish attempt to stop the coming rebellion. As Hand and Castellan, he did an overall great job given the circumstances of the time. But as he tried to stop the rebellion outside of Oldtown, he didn't saw the Septon desire of rebellion against the Targaryen.

As Lord of the Stormlands, he was remebered as an absent Lord, mainly because of his time in Hammerhorn or in his different offices for the King, giving him few time to stay in Storm's End. Many also criticize his inconditionnal support of the Tarth in the century long Tarth-Langward rivalry, as he was raised by a Tarth in his first years. Even if in the time he was love after the desastrous regency of his grandmother, many modern maester see him as a poor administrator and diplomat, and see more talent in his 2 years as Hand than his rule as Lord Paramount.

Lia Targaryen (8134-8176)

Before being Lady Paramount (8117-8134)

First daughter of Lord Aenys Targaryen and Princess Desmara Targaryen, Lia was born while her father was still training in Hammerhorn under the tutelage of Lady Lia Baratheon. Because Aenys respected her so much, he named his daughter after his mentor.

After Aeryn returned to Storm's End, she was mainly raised by her mother, especially after her father went to Oldtown in order to regain lands from the Reach. When he was their, she was clearly his favorite daughter, maybe refusing to abandon his first born like his own father did with him. He was caring with her, and always told her their was good in everyone.

But while she was living in Storm's End, she also saw the other side of her father. When he was in private, he was sometimes a man who let his rage dictate his actions, and who was envious of those who had more then him. She remember him hitting his wife Desmera a few time when he was angry. But even so, Lia still iked her father.

At the age of 6, she was send to Hammerhorn, where she who be under the tutelage of Lady Lia Baratheon, who raised her dad before. With her father, they went to the Iron Isles for the first time since her birth. She was then left under the case of Lia Baratheon, and learned a lot from her. She also became close to the young Baratheon raised there, including her grandchild Benjen.

She was present when her mentor went to Bramfort. There, she saw her fagther and his troops. She was also present when Lady Lia gave a dragon egg to Aenys. She was surprised as much as her father when she saw it.

After Lady Lia's death in 8131, her father decided to raise her instead of letting her stay in Hammerhorn and be raised by Lord Robert, Lady Lia's son. She then came with him in Oldtown when he was name Hand of the King, and saw how much he worked for the kingdom. She tried to tell him to stop, so he could take some reast and take care of his sickness, but he refused. She last saw him when they leaved Oldtown, when he went to Riverrun while she was send back to Storm's End.

Lady Paramount under King Aeryn I (8134-8140)

When she arrived at her home. She waited for her father to return. But instead, it was Lord Tully and a thousand of soldier who came to Storm's End, with the corpse of her father. The procession was an honor to her late father. Lord Ronel Tully told her about the detail of his death. Like she feared, he died from his disease and his overwork. She thanked the Lord Paramount for returning her father's body to their home. After this first and pleasant meeting, Lord Ronel returned to his lands.

Targaryen girl

Lia Targaryen and her dragon Vishyap

In the years that followed her succession to her father, she became obsessed with fire, always fascinated on its movements and brightness. She rappidly decided that she wanted to see the fire of a true dragon, and went on a journey to learn about dragon so she could hatch the dragon egg her father recieved from Lady Lia Baratheon. By the year 8137, she was successfully able to hatch her dragon egg, which resulted in the birth of a dragon named Vishyap.

A few months later, the War of the Usurper. Lord Robert Baratheon went at war with King Aeryn I in order to take the throne, claiming it was to avenge his ancestor Orys. When it came to choosing a side, Lia was in a though posiition, as she was raise by the Baratheon and had close link with Robert and his children, who were her childhood friends. But she remembered her ancestor Vaemond, first Targaryen to rule the Stormlands, who always said ''Never fight a Targaryen. Protect Family.''. For this reason, she chose to stay loyal to her uncle the King, and fought with The Durrandon of the Stepstones and the Brune of the Claw as loyalists.

During the war, she send her army in the Crownlands to defend Oldtown with her uncle Aeryn I. At some point, she told the King that an immediate attack would probably lead to victory, but the King refused, prefering a siege on the High Septon. This would lead to the doom of the loyalist as reenforcements came to Robert's help, and Lia army was overwelm by the rebels. She was able to return to Storm's End, where she tamed in 8140 her dragon Vishyap. She then tried to sailed with her army to Hammerhorn, but her uncle surrendered before she was able to arrive. With her uncle defeat, the Rebels successfully claimed the throne, ending the Targaryen long reign over Westeros. A few day before the defeat, Lia and her husband Maelor, her father's cousin that she married when the war started, had a daughter named Maera.

Lady Paramount under King Robert I (8140-8149)

Because of her relation with the new King and House Tully pleading in her favor, she wasn't punish for the war, being only forced to send her daughter Maera to Hammerhorn as an hostage, which she agreed to. In the end, she admitted her defeat and bent the knee in front of King Robert.

Although she pledged allegeance to King Robert, this didn't mean she wouldn't search for her family. After a year of search, she finally discover that her cousins Viserys and Maegon, the sons of the late King Aeryn I, lived in Myr. SHe secretly decided to bring them to Storm's End were they could live with her in family. She even marry them so they could continue their line.

Two year later, while she was helping the alchemists to build a Guild in Storm's End, she was named by King Robert general of Westeros's armies. She then go to Hammerhorn, where she had a friendly talk with Robert, and admitted she was hidding her cousins. To her surprise, Robert said he didn't have a problem with it, as long as they stayed away of power.

In 8145, she went to Oldtown, capital of Westeros under the Targaryen, now seat of House Chester, who ruled the Southern Reach since the War of the Usurper. There she negociated with Lord Mace Chester, who owned lands in the Stormlands. She was pregnant when she arrived, and she gave birth to her a son during her time there. She decided to name him Aeryn in honor of her uncle, the last Targaryen King.

Two years later, she went to see her old friend Lord Ronel Tully, who had became a good friend to her since the day he came with her father's corpse. She was curious about the reason why her father came to Riverrun when he died, but Ronel was able to answer, saying that Aenys died before he was able to tell the reason of his visit. She was also able to convince Lord Ronel to take her son Aeryn as his ward when the boy would be in age.

In 8149, she went again to Hammerhorn for a marriage, where she saw again Benjen Baratheon, the Crown Prince, who was her childhood friend. They connected again and a new, greater friendship. Saddly, her time in Hammerhorn went dramticly , as King Robert died soon after the marriage while sher was still staying there.

Lady Paramount under King Benjen I (8149-8157)

Soon after the ascension of her good friend Benjen to the raqnk of King, she learned the death of another friend, Ronel Tully. When she arrived, she met the new Lord Tully, who expressed a desire to remain in good term with her House. They then agreed that he would take Aeryn as his ward like hos father was supposed to do.

Lord Selwyn Tarth was named Captain of the Household Guards by her father Aenys, had always wanted to found out who was better between Lia and him. in 8151, he challenged her to a duel, which she accepted, finding in it as good way to pass time. The duel was quick, and Lia won it easely. Selwyn laughed and admitted his defeat, claiming she was better then him.

She rapidly went to Dragonstone for a tourney, where Lord Aerion Blackfyre of the Claw seemed to have so sort of interest for Lia, but she didn't stay, and rapidly went to Riverrun were she left her son to be raised by Lord Rormund Tully, a good friend of her and son of Ronel Tully.

Targaryen girl 2

Lia after awaking in Dragonstone

From 8152 to 8153, Lia helped Aerion Blackfyre against the High Septon, who tought he could claim some lands from Blackfyre. After the death of the Septon and the end of the war they were powerfull and know it. In 8155, she was invited to a feast in Dragonstone to celebrate their victory. They drank a lot, and Blackfyre used this to bring her in his chamber, were they made pationned love to each other. In the morning, they realized what they did under alcool. Aerion tried to claim his love for Lia, but she fleed, refusing to accept the fact she betrayed her husband Maelor. When she returned, she passed a night with her husband, were they raffirmed their love for each other.

When she felt pregnant soon after, she feared the baby might be from Aerion and not Maelor. She went and speak of it with Rormund Tully soon after Mace Chester and Wulla Martell became her wards. After she revealed him everything, he said he would defend her honor if the child was a bastard. But hopefully, the child was the daughter of her husband, a girl named Maegelle, born in 8157. It was the same year her good friend King Benjen I died

Lady Paramount under King Stannis I (8157-8158)

Lia wasn't really active during King's Stannis's year on the throne. She only told him she was there if he needed any help. Saddly, the king died the fallowing year, as he tried to tame Blackwing, His father's dragon.

Lady Paramount (then Lady) under King Maric I (8158-8176)

When Maric, a 0 years old boy, gained the throne, many feared that the new king wasn't favored by the gods, and wasn,t worthy of the throne after his father's death. Lia asked Aerion Blackfyre, who had converted to the Old Valyrian Faith, what he thought of Stannis's death, which he answered that the Baratheon weren't good kings.

She later met with Lord Osgrey of the Northern Reach, who was trying to convince lords to support Lia claim's over the Throne. She decided to help him, and together they found allies, which helped them to lauch a long rebellion for the throne that would start in 8161. During the war, her son Aeryn and cousin Vyseris, the son of King Aeryn I, illustrated themsleves in her armies. Saddly for Lia, the war wouldn't end well, as she lost it in 8169, and the Stormlands with it, the Tarth rising as the new Lord Paramount of the Stormlands. She died 7 years later after reconquering Storm's End.


Lia is remembered as a fervent loyalist to the Targaryen. She was kind, just and a good ruler. She was appreciated my many lords of her time, and never really hate anyone, even her ennemies. For this, many believed she was the best Targaryen to ever rule.

However, her lost of the Stormlands caused the end of the Targaryen egemony in the region, and launched the downfall of her house. Her 8 years war for the throne is remembered as the first try to retake the throne by house Targaryen.

Aeryn Targaryen (8176-8201)

Before being Lord (8145-8176)

Aeryn was born in Oldtown while his mother was negociating with Lord Mace Chester of the Southern Reach for lands that should be her. He was named after his mother's uncle, King Aeryn I Targaryen, last Targaryen to rule Westeros.

During his time in Storm's End, he passed only a few time with his mother, who was occupied with her responsabilities and her post as General of Westeros's armies, but the few time she was able to be with him she was kind and lovefull, being the best mother she could.

Instead, he passed most of his first years being raised with the other Targaryen living there, including his mother's cousins Vyseris and Maedon, the King's sons. They told him numerous stories about the Targaryen, their claim on the throne and all the things their house had done in the last century.

During his youth, her mother made a deal with House Tully, so he could be trained by Lord Ronel Tully when he would be in age. But Lord Ronel died before Aeryn was 6. In the end, it would be Lord Ronel's son who would take Aeryn as his ward. He was raised there until his majority, and he was maried to a Stark of the Iron Isles because of her white hairs.

Targaryen 14

Aeryn Targaryen

He had three sons before his mother's death: Daemon, born in 8163, Jaerys, born in 8167, and Maelor, born in 8170 and named after his father.

When his mother tried to claim the throne, Aeryn was part of her best commanders, along with her cousin Vyseris, who lead most of her armies. He distinguished himself among the Stormlanders's troops, being present during the battle of Stone's Hedge. He was eventually named Captain of the Household Guards by his mother in 8168, assuring her safety.

When is mother was imprisoned by the King after the war, he planned with supporter a way to get her out of Hammerhorn and free her. But as he was going to put his plan in action, he learned of his mother's liberation.

When she wage war to reconquer Storm's End, he was on the frontline, as Vyseris died soon after the war, leaving him as general of her mother's armies. The victory was a success, but his mother died soon after, leaving him to inherit what was left of Lia's lands.

Lord under King Maric I (8176-8189)

When is mother died, few atempted to her funerals. One of the few to come was Lord Rormund Tully, to Aeryn's surprise, as he fought his mother during the war. Aeryn express respect for the men, but mainly because of hismother friendship for Rormund. He offered the man to take his third son as ward, but the man refused, saying he was too old, and Aeryn send Maelor to the Vale instead.

In 8178, as Lord Paramount Tywin Lannister was executed for being a so called traitor, Aeryn had a daughter named Maega. The same year, Lord Selwyn Tarth died and was succeeded by his son Aenys, named after Aeryn's grandfather, Lord Paramount and Hand of the King Aenys Targaryen, a man Aeryn never knew.

In the years following his rise as Lord, Aeryn was given all his dejure bannermen arround Storm's End from the Tarth. In 8179, he decided to prepare his heir Daemon and gave him Griffin's Rooth, s he would learn to rule before he inherited.

in 8180, he was summoned to Evenfall Hall, seat of House Tarth, along with Lord Edwen of the Dornish Marches, also a Tarth. The lord of the Dornish Marches asked to gain Blackheart, which was a Targaryen seat since Vaemond. He offered Aeryn money, but the Targaryen refused to let his seat go unless of a fight. Even if Edwen begged Lord Paramount Aenys, Aenys said that they needed to deal the matter themselves. It took three years until Edwen fought him in a duel, which Aeryn lost, leaving Blackheart in the hands of Edwen.

In 8183, Orton Waters, a Targaryen bastard, tried to claim the throne from the Baratheon. Althought Aeryn refused to help the throne, he chose to stay neutral, refusing to help a bastard in his vain attempt to claim the throne.

The following year, he had a son he named Aegon after the first king of Westeros.

In 8188, Aeryn approched Aenys Tarth over a plan. Since the Blackfyre were not liked by the King, he proposed to his liedge that they reclaimed Dragonstone from the Claw, adding it to the Stormlands in the process. But Aenys asked him to speak with the king first. After a quick visit to Hammerhorn, the King accepted, which was a surprise to Aeryn, who thought the king would hate him for his mother's rebellion. Saddly, the King died the following year before the Stormlands were able to put their invasion to action.

Lord under King Rodrik I (8189-8201)

Lorison Lannister

Lord Lorison Lannister, the Lion Knight

Aeryn rappidly heard stories about Rodrik, some saying he was possessed, other telling his legendary cruelty. For those reasons, and because he wanted to keep his head, Aeryn refused to ask the new King for an invasion of Dragonstone.

After his wife's death in 8190, he remarried with Aenys Tarth's daughter, Leona, which was fallowed by the birth of their daughter Laya in 8192. Saddly, he rapiddly discovered that his wife was cheating on him with Lord Lorison Lannister, from a cadet Branch of the House. Both he and Aenys Tarth agreed that it was a insult to their houses's honor, and in 8195 Aeryn went to the Westerlands, asking for a duel. But Lorison decided to end the relation, and refused like a coward to fight the Targaryen.

In 8195, he tried to tame the dragon Vhagar, who had returned and landed in Storm's End, but was hurted in the process. When he was ready to retry, he discovered that Lord Matarys Blackfyre already tamed it. The two of them, who decided they had enough of the Baratheon tyrant, like they called him. They convinced numerous lords to fought for them, and in 8199, Aeryn tried to fought, but even if Blackfyre was able to kill Blackwing in a dragon fight, he didn't win, just like his mother. Rodrick executed Matarys Blackfyre, and his children tried to hide with Aeryn in Storm's End. However both the young lord Daemon Blackfyre and Aeryn were captured and burned alive.


Aeryn is mainly remembered for his late war against the Baratheon, siding withe blackfyre in an attempt to retake the throne. Althought he was brave and competent, he was never fully recognized for his talents by others, and maester still underestimate his potential today.

Daemon Targaryen (8201-8220)

Before being Lord (8163-8201)

Daemon was born during the war between Maric Baratheon and Lia Targaryen for the throne of Westeros. His birth was a great day for his grandmother, as she was in a loosing streak in the war. The kid was named Daemon after the longest ruling kid of house Targaryen.

During most of his youth, he was mostly raised by his father Aeryn with his younger brothers Jaerys and Maelor, even if both of them didn't like each other. Maelor always claimed that Jaerys was just a womanizer with no ambition, and Jerys that Maelor was a mad man. But Daemon was always there to stop their fights, and was a model of inspiration for them. The three ended up becoming competent and talented, just like their father would have wanted to.

Althought he had a less friendly relationship with his younger brothers Aegon (born in 8184) and Maekar (born in 8197), he always felt it was his job to protect them. On this matter, Aegon was first raised by him until he was sent to Evenfall Hall as part of Aeryn's deal to gain support from the Tarth.

Dameon also passed a few years with the Lord Paramount Selwyn Tarth, who teached him the most about swords and religion, two things that will made him in the man he became, as he learned to fight in Evenfall Hall. Because of this, he never felt like the Tarth stole what should be them, as many believed in his family.

Daemon Dragon Knight 2

Daemon Targaryen

During his numerous years of marriage with his wife, Jennelyn Dayne, he had four son and two daughters, althought Aweyn died stillborn. Faithfull of the old way, Daemon decided to marry his first son Daemon to his first daughter Maega, in order to keep the bloodline pure, especially in these days were the Targaryen were weaks in Westeros.

Even if his house was not the most liked in the realm, Daemon proved himself to be one of the greatest fighters of his time, winning numerous tourneys and gaining respect of many lords, his skills only compared to Lorison Lannister, known as the Lion Knight, with who he had numerous rivalty in tourney. His skill gained him praised from both his brothers and father, who named him captain of his household guards. He would later give him Griffin's Root so Daemon, as Aeryn's heir, could learn how to rule.

He was also a true believer of the Seven, which made him someone appreciated by the septons. He even went once on a pilgrimage to Oldtown, and was even recieve by the High Septon, who heard about the man. Since his meeting with the High Septon, Daemon always said his dream was to join the Warrior's Sons and see the Faith Militant rise once again.

Blackfyre and vhagar

Vhagar fighting Blackwing during the Blackfyre's Rebellion

He lived a peaceful life, a life that he was actually satisfied with. Saddly, this would not last, as his father Aeryn would launched a rebellion against King Rodrik I, the son of King Maric I. This time, the instigator of this rebellion wasn't the Osgrey, but the dragon rider Lord Matarys Blackfyre. Daemon, who was on the frontline all along, describe the war as a "brutal display of arrogance and violence", and never approved the mass executions of children by Matarys Blackfyre, even if he fought until the last day for his father. Only two years were needed, however, for King Rodrik to win this war.

The news of the end of the war, immidiately followed by the execution of Matarys Blackfyre, when Matarys son and daughter were sent to be teached by his father in Storm's End. Only 14, the young boy and his sister were clearly afraid, searching for somewhere to hide. Even if some opposed to hiding Blackfyres, Daemon, Jaerys and Maelor all pleaded to help them, and their father Aeryn would follow their lead on this, to the brothers joy.

Daemon himself stayed days and nights with the Blackfyre, in order to protect them as if they were his own children. But one day, Maelor returned from a scouting mission for their father, and came with bad news. King Rodrik and his armies were coming to Storm's End. Even if Daemon wanted to fight, Jaerys and Maelor both realized it was too late, and prepared escape plans for the entire family. But the even so, the Blackfyre young lord (who was named Daemon) and their father Aeryn were captured and burned alive under their eyes. This would spark in the heart of each Targaryen son an hatred for R'hllor and his fire, with the strange exeception of Daemon, who found the fire fascinating, just like his father and grandmother before him.

"Lord" in exile (8201-8202)

After their father's death, the children of Aeryn decided to flee Storm's End, each of them following their own way. Jaerys, Aegonand the young Maekar decided to stay in Westeros and hided in the Lordship of Upland, were a cadet House Targaryen was still ruling after the fall of King Aeryn I. Daemon and Maelor decided to accept their exile and go hiding in Pentos, even if Maelor soon leaved his older brother to go live Goyan Drohe under a Rhoynar lord. And with this, Daemon was alone.

Since their lost, he always felt responsible for what happened to Daemon Targaryen, and believed he failed him. But one, day, he learned that Daemon's older sister, Alearys Blackfyre, had landed in exile and was living in Pentos, like himself. After a week only, he was able to find her, and decided he would protect her with his life and restore their house name their, in Essos.

Daemon Dragon Knight 1

Daemon wielding Dark Sister

When they reunited, Pentos was in the middle of a brutal civil war that was going for years now. The actual Magistrate of Pentos, Luco "III" D'han, believed in the gods of Braavos, which wasn't something the other houses were willing to serve. After a short rule, Luco was forced out of power by Moredo. But the man died in 8199, and Luco reclaimed once again Pentos. Now, many lords, financed by the merchant houses of Pentos, were once again trying to put the man down.

In this war, many wanted to find able commanders to fight for their cause, may they be D'han loyalist or servant of other princes. And the news of Daemon Targaryen presence here made manypeople talk. But the first one to act was the Prince Terro Estatis, main supporter of the rebellion against Luco D'han. He learned of the Blackfyre Rebellion on Westeros, and was hoping to recruit some veterans of the war who were forced in exile. Buthe never hoped to find the Dragon Knight in Pentos. Terro met Daemon and Aelarys in his own appartment in Pentos, and proposed a deal they couldn't refuse. He offered both of them lands in exchange of his support in his claim for Pentos. Althought Daemon didn't like the idea of helping this arrogant man, he knew they needed those lands, and accepted.

Daemon became one of the most powerful commanders of the rebels, using what he learned during his fights and battles on Westeros against the D'han forces. Many rebels were first reticent to let this man fight for them, gaining every honors. But they quickly understand he was their best chance, and they even began to respect the man as more thana legend coming for Westeros. With his help, the war was over in a year, Luco D'han once again surrendering his post, this time to Terro. As the new Magistrate promised, Daemon was granted Little Rhoyne and Aelarys Berylos as their seats.

Lord under Magistrate Terro Estatis (8202-2009)

One of the first thing he did after he settled permanently in Little RHoyne was to do a pilgrimage in the old lands of the Andals, believing he would find something to support his faith when he would arrived their. However, he got lost, and never found anything, even if he claim this trip was a good thing for him.

He ended up marrying his second son Viserys to Aelarys Blackfyre, as a way to help her continue her house, which was almost instinct. This was also a way to get the two house close once again, just like they were once ago when both were called Targaryen under Jaehaerys and Vaemond. Daemon was in joy when he learned this marriage gave birth to a son.

In 8207, King Rodrik Baratheon launched a war again Pentos to find the Targaryen and Blackfyre (especially the Blackfyre, who had commited numerous horrors during the Blackfyre's Rebellion). Daemon fought as hard as he can to protect his house and the Blackfyre, and was even nominated General of Pentos's armies just after he nighted his younger brother Aegon. But in the end, the daughter of Alearys Blackfyre was captured and burned by the westerosi troops. The Magistrate was also killed during the war, causing chaos in all Pentos.

Lord under Magisrate Tregar Dhan (8209-8210)

After the brutal war, Daemon went to speak with Alearys, telling her of his fear about the new Magistrate, who was a coward pig in his opinion. Even if he didn't liked the new man, Tregar named Daemon Justicar of Pentos, a post he would occupy with zeal.

Soon after the war, Daemon build a Alchemist Guild in Little Rhoyne in order to protect his lands. But the following year, his daughter Maega was assassinated. Saddly, Daemon never found the person resonsible for this crime. He decided to remarry his son Daemon "the Little Dragon" with Rhaenys, the Little Dragon own daughter. However, the heir had make vow of chastety, and refused to consume his marriage.

Everyone was surprise when Tregar Dhan decided to step down from his position of Magisrtate, leading to his replacement by Noho Estatis, who would prove to be the man Pentos needed in those times of chaos.

Lord under Magistrate Noho Estatis (8210-8220)