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House Tully

House Tully is an old noble house of First Men origin, dating back to the Age of Heroes. Ser Edmure Tully and his sons were allies of Tristifer IV Mudd, the King of the Rivers and the Hills, but the Tullys knelt to the Andal conqueror Armistead Vance after Tristifer's death. Edmure's son Axel Tully received land at the junction of the Red Fork and the Tumblestone, where he constructed Riverrun.

Unlike many Great Houses the Tullys never ruled as kings, but held Riverrun for a thousand years as powerful vassals of those who did.They often defended the Trident from the Kings of the Rock. Lord Elston Tullydied supporting Lord Roderick Blackwood against King Humfrey I Teague. Lord Tommen Tully futilely supported Lady Agnes Blackwood against King Harwyn Hoare, and Tommen's natural son Samwell Rivers was slain at the Tumblestone.

Lord Edmyn 'the Sourfish' Tully 7971-8036

Lord Edmyn Turn-Cloak

Lord Edmyn was the son of Ben Tully the Honorable and was High Lord of Riverrun, under the tyrant rule of Harren the Black. After his father's death he married a lowborn riverwoman named Ellery, that he loved more than anything in the world. They had four kids Nolla, Melwys, Mathis and Tristifer, but after a long period of sickness she died. Edmyn was destroyed by her passing, but he had to be strong and inspire his men, whom where treated poorly under the Iron King.

When the Dragon King invaded the Mountain and Vale, King Hoare called Lord Edmyn to Harrenhall and offered him independence for the Trident if he would defend him against the incoming threat. Edmyn accepted and not long after, Lord Darklyn declared independence war for the Trident. Lord Edmyn and Lord Addam Bracken helped the Iron King defeat the rebellion. During the battle of Pinkmaiden, where most of the rebellion's troops were killed, news come saying that a Dragon Rider was coming from the east.

Lord Edmyn turn-cloak and joined the Dragon King in his invasion war. He fought in the battle of Harenhall along with the Dragon King. After the war was over and the riverlords rebelled against the new King, he headed for Dragonstone to bend the knee. All though he wanted to bend the knee to the King, he only found Orys in Dragonstone. He bent the knee in front of the King's half-brother and left back for Riverrun to fight the Riverlords, that were soon to serve him. Edmyn subdued all the rebellious lords, handing them to the King to give them justice. When he returned to Riverrun after defeating the rebellious lords, he found his wife pregnant with his maester. He ordered both of them imprisoned, took of the maesters head and sent his wife, Lady Kymberly Swyft, whom he married because of political matters, to the Sisters.

Lord Edmyn the Sourfish of the Riverlands
Edmyn tully
Lord Edmyn the Sourfish
Vital statistics
Position Lord Paramount of Riverlands, Lord of Riverrun, Turnbridge and Stillfen
Age 65
Status Died of natural causes
Physical attributes
Height 1.72 m
Weight 75 kg
After the Riverlander Rebellion, the Shield of the Westeros attacked the Dragon King. Lord Edmyn led his tropps in the battle of Antlers, losing most of his troops. After the battle, he defended his friend, Lord Addam, breaking the siege of Stone Hedge. When the King peaced out the Shield, breaking the coaliton, he granted Lord Edmyn the Lord Paramouncy of the Riverlands. At first, lord Edmyn was most grateful, but the King ordered him to give the Crossing to the North, as it was in the agreement they had. All though Edmyn wasn't happy about giving away Riverlander De-Jure land to the North, he submitted, hoping that he will recieve Lordship of Darry and Duskendale. The King heard his want, but told him that the Lordship of Darry was owned by lord Brune and he will only recieve Duskendale. Lord Triston complained about being rulled by a craven lord and wanted to serve the King directly. When Lord Edmyn was denied both of the Lordships he found himself rulling over a weak land, weaker than it was under Harren the Black and decieded that the King is not worthy of his swords or loyalty
Lady Swyft

Lady Swyft and Maester Raymond

Lord Edmyn the Sourfish

Lord Edmyn was appointed Spymaster of the realm. This position forced him to live in Oldtown. He wasn't to eager to see the King twice a week, so for most of the council meetings he wasn't showing up or showing up late saying that he was working on some parchments that were urgent. Lord Garse of Highgarden was always intrigued about what was Edmyn doing. They became close friends and were always together at feasts and tourneys.

During the Wedding of Aerion and Jonnela, the King called a lord to fight in a friendly duel. Lord Garse took the honor to fight against the King. All though the fight was somewhat close, he fell before the King. After the fight, Garse spoke with Edmyn and asked him how did he feel about the fight. Edmyn said "No death today. A sad wedding.". Lord Garse laughed and told him he wouldn't have really enjoyed dying during a wedding. Lord Edmyn replied, saying "I wasn't thinking about you."


Cossomo, pentoshi carpet merchant

Being the spymaster brought him a lot of power and knowledge about what was going on in the Oldtown. He was the only one to know about Jonnela liking Cossomo, a pentoshi merchant. When she gave birth to her daughter, Daenerys, Edmyn conviced the King Aegon, that she was born out of an extra-conjugal affair, all though she was surely Aerion's daughter, puting the blame on Cossomo. Because Edmyn was the Spymaster, he was sent to interogate Cossomo. In stead, he sent Cossomo to Moat Cailin, where he would be safe. As a mere spymaster, Edmyn brought the realm into a state of anarchy and rebellion, brought distrust between the invading houses and got two brothers and friends to kill eachother over an infant's legitimacy.

During the North-Ironborn rebellion, Edmyn gave his grand-daguhter to the King, as a guarantee that he wouldn't betray him. Once he got to Riverrun, he spent the days of the war with his army at the ready, but not to join the King's army up the Neck to Winterfell, only to defend the Riverlands if the Northmen came South. Lord Garse showed up in Riverrun with his army, do greet his friend Lord Edmyn. During that meeting they promised eachother, that if one of them was to die, the other one was to take part to the burrial ceremony.

The Lost Wolf

After Brandon's rebellion, King Aegon I the Cruel decided to take Balerion and 5.000 men North to Winterfell to take Brandon's son, Benjen to Oldtown. Lord Edmyn had a sympathy for the young wolf and when he heard that the King is going North, he feared for his life. Lord Edmyn sent ravens to a few Reachmen and Rivermen lord that he trusted and warned them that the King is headed towards them and needs him to be stalled as long as posible.

With the King slowed down, Sourfish sent Tristifer to Winterfell with a proposal for the deposed Lord Brandon, to save his son. He was suposed to take both of them South to Riverrun. By the time they reached Moat Cailin, the King was already on the Neck. All though the King continued on north with less men, Moat Cailin was full of King's men.

With Tristifer stuck in Moat Cailin with the young wolf, Edmyn sent his firstborn, Melwys, and Lord of Stone Hedge with an army of 12.000 men in a diplomatic mission to Winterfell. When they were to reach Moat Cailin half were suposed to take Tristifer and the Young Wolf south, considering that in the mess, king's men won't see him. The other half was suposed to head north to meet the King and beg him not to burn down Winterfell untill Benjen would've been found.

Without a legitimate heir for the North, the King had to decide on a new Lord Protector of the North. The Starks from Moat Cailin were brothers of Brandon the Black Wolf, so they weren't trustworthy. Aegon turned for Edmyn's son, Melwys to take he Protectorate of the North for undeterminated time.

After King Aegon died at the age of 63, old and senile, Edmyn took Benjen to Oldtown to show him before the new King Aerion. Aerion didn't really care of what happened with Benjen and declared him the new Lord Paramount of the North.

The Unexpecter heir

When Edmyn left on a quest for a valyrian steel sword, his son and heir, Melwys had to take over his job. During one of the king's madness sesion's, he had to act like he killed Brandon the Black Wolf. Aegon was very pleased, so he killed a member of the Kingsguard and gave Melwys the white cloak, disinheriting him from his fathers titles, making his second brother, Lord Mathis of Maidstone the rightful heir.

By the time Edmyn came back to Riverrun, it was too late for him to do anything. At first he was very mad on what happened, but with time he accepted that his second son will inherit. Mathis grew impatient waiting for his father's passing, so he went to Riverrun to ask him to resign earlier. Edmyn was on the brink of taking Mathis's head, but was stopped by his third son, Tristifer.

The Curse

Struck to bed by a disease, Edmyn couldn't bear that his second son would inherit his lands and titles after he came to Riverrun to tell him to resign earlier for him. For his last days he cursed Mathis every time he showed up to see if he died already.


"She may have been a golden cock of Swyft , but I gave her the silver trout.She may have been born a Rivers, but I granted her my name. She may have been born out of your monstrosity, but I took her as mine. Never, in your pitiful life, speak like that about my daughter!" Edmyn raging at Kymberly Swyft, when she told him that he should change his daughters grave, Tinessa Tully, and write down Rivers instead of Tully, because she was actually a bastard out of her affair with Maester Raymond.

"These dragons... They are the Kings and Queens now. We're mere bards and jesters at their court. I am proud to say that I'm the best bard at the court. All of them dance on what I sing." Edmyn to Garse, talking about the Shield of Westeros and the Old and New Kings.

"Bow your head, shut your mouth, keep your thoughts for yourself and work in the shadows. There is only one man in this cruel world you can trust, and before you know it you will push his boat down the river and he will be covered by the trout." Edmyn to Melwys, when Melwys told his father about his plan.

"A day will come when dragons will perish and seven Kings will raise for seven Kingdoms with seven Crowns on their dull heads. And the North will remember." Edmyn explaining to Lord Bracken why is he saving Benjen.

"Don't shovel his shit. Send a shovel to his head and I will apreciate it from the seven hells." Edmyn to Garse about his second son, Mathis.

"You will come soon with me, you fuckface! You weren't born to rule!" Edmyn on his death-bed. For the last days of his life he cursed his second-born son every time he saw him.

Quotes about Edmyn

Melwys 'Troutface' Tully 7990-8051

Melwys Tully
Melwys tully2
Melwys Tully
Vital statistics
Position Member of the Kingsguard
Age 61
Status Died of gonorheea
Physical attributes
Height 1.68 m
Weight 64 kg
Melwys was the first boy of Lord Edmyn, and by far the one that he favored. When he reached the age of 6, Edmyn promised him to Ryella Bracken, to secure an alliance with Stone Hedge. She was five years younger than him and they only married by the time Melwys was 19. At first, the relationship between them was cold and distant, becuase Melwys would've rather married her brother, Androw, but with his firstborn Elonne, he grew to love her. Proof to their love, stand their other daughters, Ellery, Ermesande, who was stillborn, and Osmeria.

The Kingsguard

When King Aegon instituted he Kingsguard, Melwys, who was an formidable fighter and a brilliant commander, unmarried at the time, offered himself to take the White. His intentions were not to defend the King, but assassinate the whole line of Targaryens for betraying his family and taking away his lands. He told his father about his dark intentions, but Edmyn imediatly told the King to refuse any offer from his son, because he is his legitimate heir and wouldn't want to lose his favourite kid. Melwys spent 4 years in Oldtown trying to persuade the King to allow him to join his guard, hence why Edmyn rushed his marriage, when Ryella was barely 14 years old.

The Lost Wolf

When the King marched North, his brother got stuck in Moat Cailin along with Benjen Stark, lord of Winterfell and North. His father gave him the mission to head up the Neck with Lord Bracken in his rescue. Once they would arrive in Moat Cailin they were suposed to split in two, one to come South with Tristifer and Benjen and the other to go to Winterfell and stall the King for as long as posible in burning down Winterfell.

The Madness

When the King was about to burn down Winterfell again, Melwys, with the help of Garse Gardener, tried to save the North's capital by making the King think that Brandon the Black Wolf was killed. Melwys took the head of a prisoner and showed before the King with it. Aegon was very pleased to see this and decided it was time for Melwys to join the Kingsguard, because he proved worthy. That didn't please Melwys, but the King already killed a Kingsguard in a duel, to free a position for him. Lord Hand Garse gave him the white Cloak and made him a Kingsguard, disinheriting him from the Lord Paramouncy of the Riverlands. Not long after he took the white, Melwys contracted Gonorheaa and after 20 years of pain he passed away.


"Dragons, dragons, dragons... Can Balerion defend Aegon from daggers?" Melwys trying to persuade his father to let him go in Oldtown.

Quotes about Melwys

Lord Mathis 'the Ruin' 7992-8042

Mathis was Edmyn's second born son and third-born kid. He married Rhoda Rowan, fouth-born kid, second-born daughter to the High Lord Moryn Rowan. They had four kids toghether. One boy, Bellos, and three daughters, Alyssa, Harra and Joyeuse. Proud and cynical, Mathis inherited his father's point of view over the world.

Lord Mathis of Maidstone

Lord Mathis the Ruin of the Riverlands
Old Brandon Manderly
Lord Paramount Mathis Tully
Vital statistics
Position Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, Lord of Riverrun, Stillfen, Turnbridge and Maidstone
Age 50
Status Died of gonorheea
Physical attributes
Height 1.75
Weight 89

Two years after his marriage, he asked his father, Edmyn Tully, for a fief of his own. At first, Edmyn was reluctant about granting his son lands. Edmyn always thought of him not to be worthy of leading, but during the Northener Rebellion, while Edmyn and Melwys were away, Mathis took care of Riverrun, so he granted him Maidstone, a small piece of land, north of Riverrun.

During his rule over Maidstone, the castle and the city flourished. All though he was happy with his lands, it wasn't enough. Mathis thought high of himself. People often heard him saying that he was the best Tully to lay a shadow on the ground. The Lord of Maidstone, thought he should inherit Riverrun and Trinity and plotted against his father and his brother, but he never succeded.

The Unexpected Heir

After his brother, Melwys, was forced into the Kingsguard by the Mad King Aegon, he became the rightfull heir to the Lord Paramouncy of the Riverlands. When he heard the news he headed straight for Riverrun to ask his father to resign earlier. His father was about to take his head, but his brother Tristifer, talked him into calming down.

Not long after that, Edmyn got very sick and was unable to rule, being stuck in bed. Mathis took the regnency untill his father died. He was very pleased about taking the titles and even asked the King for a position in the Small Council. He became the Justicar of the realm. After two years of rulling, he contracted gonorheea from an unknown source. People talked about his father's curse and that he is restless in the seven hells until he sees his son dead.

The Ruin

Being sick with gonorheea, he had to resign from his position as Justicar and fled to Riverrun, where he locked himself in the Trout's Tower with his wife. While he was locked, there wasn't anyone to take care of Riverrun and the Riverlands, both falling apart. Most of the inhabitants of Riverrun and Turnbridge fled to the Westerlands and the Vale. His rule of 6 years was a disaster for the Riverlands. When he passed away, at the age of 60, his son Bellos took over all of his titles and started rebuilding Riverrun and his relation with the Riverlords.


"I'm the best Tully that ever was, or ever will be! Now shut your mouth old man and never show up before me!" Mathis to Garse, when he talked about his father, Edmyn.

Lord Bellos 'the Diligent' 8010-8081

Bellos was the first born of Lord Mathis 'the Ruin' and after his father inherited the Lord Paramouncy of the Riverlands, he became the rightful heir to it. He married Meera Hayes, with which he had four kids, three daughters Lady Masha, Walda and Amerei Tully, which was a stillborn, and a son, Melwys.

The Rebuilder

Lord Bellos of the Riverlands
Bellos Tully
Lord Bellos Tully
Vital statistics
Position Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, Lord of Riverrun, Turnbridge, Stillfen and Maidstone
Age 71
Status Died of severe stress/under suspicious circumstances
Physical attributes
Height 1.78
Weight 71

After his father's expecte death, Bellos found himself rulling over ruins and scorched lands. He took the mission of rebuilding his lands and help his vassals to rebuild theirs. Most of the lands, such as Rayonet, Erenfort, Freylands etc., where under a foreigner ruller. Bellos tried to make a deal with the Lord of Westerlands, Lord Lorren, but he wasn't giving the lands unless Bellos would pay them 500 gold per province. Without making Lord Lannister see reason, he went on a 7 years trip across the realm to discuss with the other lord to give what the inherited back. It was only Vaemond Targaryen, who gave up the land without requesting anything in return.

Before he would end his 7-years trip, Bellos tried to negotiate for one more time with the Lannisters, but this time, they didn't even allowed him to show before them. With that settled, Bellos decided it was time to address the issue to the King. King Daemon told him to gather allies and march on Castlery Rock, because the Lion's can't be made to see reason.

Lord Bellos had the Starks on his side, but by the time the Northerner armies would go past the Twins, the Westermen would've already sieged down Riverrun. Bellos tried to negotiate with other lords, but none seemed to want to join his cause against the lord of the Westerlands.

The Last Years

Bellos was called in Oldtown to act as the King's Justicar, position that he accepted without thinking twice. Just like in his early years, he proved to be a very good diplomat, setteling down not only the issues of Oldtown, but the issues of the realm, calming down the Lords and Ladies that had grudges and feuds between them.

Whilist he was in Oldtown, his son, Melwys Tully, took over his duties over Riverrun and the other castles his father ruled. Melwys turned out to be a very authorative ruler, but at the same time a very just one. These things weren't on the likings of some of the Riverlods and some of the courtiers at his court. In 8052 he died poisoned, but no man took the blame and there was not a single lord or courtier to take the guilt. At the hear of that, Bellos headed for Riverrun where he hanged all of the courtiers that were at the feast where his son got poisoned.

Because Melwys had no male kids, his sister's son, whom was matrilineal married to Mohor Motton, son of Lord Jon of the Bay of Claws, became the legal heir to all of his grand-father's lands. Three years before Bellos's passing, he granted Edmyn II the seat of Maidstone, to prepare him for the struggle of being a Lord Paramount

In 8081, at the age of 71, he was found in his apartments in Oldtown without breath. Some voices said that it was an ambitious courtier who wanted to take his place as the Justicar of the realm. The official cause of the death is considered severe stress, as he was going through a rough time.

Lord Edmyn II 8052-8095

Lord Edmyn II of the Riverlands
Edmyn II
Lord Edmyn II Tully
Vital statistics
Position Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, Lord of Riverrun, Turnbridge and Mairdstone
Age 43
Status Commited suicide
Physical attributes
Height 1.72
Weight 89
Edmyn was the first son of Lady Masha the Fishknight Tully. He married Lady Marei Martell. In his writings in the "A short story of Riverrun and it's Lords" he says that she wasn't the prettiest lady in the realm, but had a hearth worth all the wealth in the world. They had three kids, two boys Mohor and Jonothor, and one girl Sylvia.

The Faith Rises

In 8087, after tensions grew between King Daemon and The High Septon, the Faith took up in arms and sieged Oldtown. The King managed to flee along with Balerion, but Vhaegar and Meraxes were caught in the Dragon Pit and were killed by the Militants.

At the hear of the rebellion that started down South, Edmyn called all of his bannermans in Riverrun, from where they were ought to head south and help the King in his fight. Edmyn wanted to lead his men in his first war, but because he was a brilliant commander, the King summoned him to lead one of his armies. He immediatly left Riverrun to his mother, Lady Masha, who was knighted and therefor she could lead the Riverman armies.

Due to the bad communications between the Lords, news reached Lady Masha, saying that Lord Frey declared himself on the side of the Rebellion. She split the army in two, sending one south to Acorn Hall and the other, which she led personally, up north to The Twins. By the time of her arrival, Lord Frey openned his gates and welcomed her with a feast. Masha later found that lord Frey never declared himself against the King and that some of the men she was leading were men that he sent along with one of his far kin.

After the Rebellion ended, Edmyn returned to Riverrun, not asking for any reward for his services, saying that the honor for fighting with his King was all that he needed, his wife passed away, dying of natural causes at a very early age. Edmyn was destroyed by the death of Marei and one year after her death, he hung himself in the crypt where she was resting.

Lord Mohor 8076-8106

Lord Mohor of the Riverlands
Mohor Tully
Lord Mohor Tully
Vital statistics
Position Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, Lord of Riverrun, Turnbridge, Maidstone and Bramstone
Age 30
Status Died fighting Blackwing
Physical attributes
Height 1.94
Weight 85
Mohor was a gallant young lad, that grew up at the court of the Eyire, under the tutelage of Lord Mandon Belmore, after his father's early death. All though a very charming and humble person, Mohor had pleasure in seeing people in pain.

He was married with Lady Lucia Belmore, with whom he had only one son, Ronel.

The Fish and The Dragon

Just like during his grandfather's rule, the lands of Rayonet and Byford were under the rule of the Lannisters. After a few negotations, Lord Thaddeus decided it was only right if those lands were sent back under the rule of the Lord of Riverrun. When Thaddeus was asked if there was any compesations that he required, he repsonded that there is nothing that he wanted more than j


Lord Mohor against Blackwing


On the other hand, Lord Florian of the Golden Tooth, a Lannister, tought that the lands that were inherited were suposed to stay under their rule. Aftre a couple marriage, Lord Florain inherited the High Lordship of the Seagard and Oldstones, putting an end to the ancestral family of the Mallisters. Lord Thaddeus died in the meanwhile of Bloody Flux that he contracted in Oldtown, forcing Mohor to negotiate with his son Bertram, who proved to be a craven lord.

When Mohor showed up with a levy of 500 men at the gates of Castlery Rock, Bertram closed himself in, not showing a sign of life to any lord outside the court. This barricade took for over 9 years. Mohor asked the Queen for the right to wage war to regain the important port of Seagard and the ancestral seat of the Riverkings, Oldstones.

The Queen called for Bertram at the court in Oldtown to settle this without bloodshed, but as he didn't show up, she granted Lord Tully the right to war. As soon as he arrived in Riverrun his levies were ready to head to war. His armies got as far as Stillfen, when a army of 26.000 men landed from boats that were bearing the banner of Lord Baratheon.

What Mohor didn't know, is that Lord Florian was ready to fight for the lands that he owned and as his numbers were no where close to what lord Tully could raise, he called in Lord Artos Bloodaxe, with whom he had a marriage bond. Artos showed up at the battle riding on Blackwing. Mohor thought that he could take on the massive dragon and charged him blindly. The dragon circled Mohor with fire and then eventually burned him alive.

Whilist the battle of Stillfen was still taking place, lord Bertram showed up in Riverrun, signing the peace, conceding all of the lands Lord Florian inherited outside the De-Jure of the Westerlands. All though the peace was signed, there wasn't anything that could've brought back Mohor, who died on the battlefield. His men recovered his trident and brought it back to Riverrun

Lord Ronel the Brave 8101-8149

Lord Ronel the Brave of the Riverlands
Ronel Tully
Lord Ronel the Brave Tully
Vital statistics
Position Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, Lord of RIverrun, Turnbridge and Maidstone
Age 48
Status Died of depression
Physical attributes
Height 1.89
Weight 87
Ever since his birth, Ronel was a lookalike of his father. When he grew up, he started to show his father's character. Gallant and charming, just like his father, but kind with everyone that respected him. At the age of 14 he married Lady Mona Crakehall, with whom he had four kids. As soon as he met her, he fell in love with how beautiful she was. Ronel always told arround the court that Mona was "Riverrun's jewel".

The Days in the Vale

As his father passed away too early, when Ronel was only 5 years old, his far-away kin, Lord Mandon of the Vale took him under his tutelage. Ronel never liked the Vale or Mandon, but because of the circumstances he was forced to stay in Eyire. After his weding with Mona, Mandon allowed him to live in Riverrun and rule. Because he was only 14 of age, the Riverlords weren't too happy about the young Lord Protector. He turned out to be an arbitrary lord, treating fairly thoes who treated him fairly and usually executing those who weren't on his side.

The King's Trial

Ronel was a very ambitious kind, so along with the help of the lords of the Darry, Maidenpool and Saltpans, he fabricated a claim on the area, also known as the Smaller Bay of Claws. The Clawlords grew restless about the affair Lady Lemore had out of bedlock with King Aeryn.

As Ronel couldn't press his claim alone, he decided to help his father-in-law, Lord Victor Crakehall, to fabricate a claim on the Westerlands. The plot was almost succseful along with the help of Lord Mandon, but Lady Lemore found out about it and denounced it to King Aeryn, bringing as evidence one of the letters Ronel sent to Crakehall.

All three of them were called at Oldtown to respond before the King under the allegations of High Treason and Plot Against a Lord Protector. By the time they arrived in Oldtown, Aeryn already created a set of judges, among which Lady Lemore was part of. It was obvious that Lady Lemore wanted to see Ronel caged as soon as the trial began.

Ronel was the only one to speak on their behalf, because both Mandon and Victor were trusting him for being a charismatic young lord. And so he was. When Lady Lemore brought the incriminating evidence before the Lords, Ronel convinced the King that it was forged, as the Trout on his seal is longer than the one on the letter and that all the signatures were wrong. After a long debate, all the judges decided the three Lords weren't guilty and that it was someone eles trying to look like they were acting against the King. All but one, Lady Lemore

At the hear of the result, Lady Lemore started throwing acusations towards Lord Ronel. She, at some point, even claimed that Ronel was a bastard and that his claim on the Paramouncy of the Riverlands was weak and that Aegon the Kinslayer shouldn't have given Edmyn that position. Just like the gallant man he was, Ronel didn't listen

The Cuckold

By the time Ronel arrived in Riverrun, his wife, Mona was holding a baby that clearly wasn't his. She then informed him that Lord Bryne, the Regent at the time, forced upon her leaving her with a baby. Ronel left the boy alive and gathered an army to head North and siege down the Twins. His first charge was unsuccesful, because Lord Frey had his armies at the ready, but after the second charge, Lord Frey got imprisoned by Lord Arnbert of Kanet. Even though he asked to either be executed or set free, Lord Ronel decided he should stay in the prison of lord Kanet until he died, without taking any of his lands or titles

The Bloodless War

With his claims and allies ready for the war he was plannig for quite a while, Ronel declared open war on Lady Lemore and led his troops all the way to Maidenpool without encountering any resistance. But when his armies were closing in on Dyre Den a massive army showed up before them, with King Aeryn flying on Zalagys.

Because King Aeryn was having an affair with Lady Lemore and one daughter, he decided to stop Lord Ronel and the revolt of the Smaller Bay of Claws. At the sight of the Dragon all of the Valemen that were coming with lord Mandon fleed back through the Bloody Gate into the Vale. Ronel's army wasn't prepared for such a battle so he laid down the weapons and returned to Riverrun.

The Banners

Kneeling swordsman by alexkuhn-d8ukssm copy

Lord Ronel kneling before Robert Baratheon

Back at Riverrun, Ronel ordered all the Targaryen banners to be taken down and in stead the Baratheon banner to beraised. All of the Riverlords followed Ronel's example, except for Lord Hoare who despised the Baratheons, but in stead he rose up the Crowned Fish, clamining that Ronel was the only King of the Trident.

Along with his lords Ronel worked on a declaration of fealty that was sent througout the realm claming that Robert Baratheon should be the true King.

As he showed before Robert Baratheon, Ronnel was the first Lord Paramount to bend the knee before the future King. During that visit at Hammerhorn, they sat down and planned the course of the war. Ronnel wasn't too much of a diplomat, but he was indeed a very skilled commander, ability which he proved during the siege of Oldtown.

Because he wasn't of use yet, he returned to Riverrun where he started gathering the armies. 64.000 rivermen showed up to fight the war. When the King heard of the massive gathering of rivermen troops, Aeryn immediatly ordered lord Ronnel to show up in Oldtown. At the hear of that, he split the army in two and with the help of the other lords on his side declared the War on the King.

Before he left for Oldtown, Mona informed him that she was pregnant with his kid. Ronnel then promised to return by the time she would give birth. With his army of 32.000 rivermen he started heading south and as he reached the border of the Westerlands he was greeted by an army of 40.000 Westermen. At first he thought this was ought to be the first battle, but his captians informed Ronnel that lord Lannister joined the cause after his brother, the Lord Commandant of the Kingsguard got executed by the King.

The joined their armies and headed south, but by the time the reached Payne Hall, news came that the King's Dragon has been slain by a young knight in the battle of Highgarden. All the men rejoiced and lord Ronnel threw a massive feast among in his camp. From there on his army along with the Lannister army didn't meet any resistnace untill they reached the Crownlands.

Battle of Dyre Den

The Battle of Dyre Den

Meanwhile, in Dyre Den, where Rormund was leading a small part of the Riverlander Army along with his brother Lucan, faced a massive Loyalist Army, led by the King himself. Rormund wasn't much of a leader, but the battlefield proved to be a place he loved. As he was a very skilled warrior he fought among the infantry, increasing the morale of his 16.000 men that were with him. The battle was fierce and after days of fightings the outcome was unsure. The Rivermen where holding their ranks as Loyalits were pouring from the sea. Soon enough, when the death count on the Rivermen's side started to go sky high, an army of Valeman came from the sea, catching the King's Army in between Rivermen and Valeman.

In the days to come, Lucan Tully, fell down sick and as he didn't recieve a proper treatment in the camp, he died in a matter of days. Rormund took his body back home, leaving the army under the command of Theon Hoare, who assaulted the walls of Dyre Den dragging Lady Lemore out of her hiding hole and making her go naked in the sea. When Lord Belmore saw what was going down, he took Lady Belmore into the castle and ordered all the Rivermen to fall back at this instance.

Siege of the Red Keep
Siege by ortheza

Assault of the Red Keep

After a battle of gigantic proprtions outside Oldtown, where the combined forces of the Baratheons, Tullys, Lannisters and Stark defeated the remaints of the Crown's army, they all set down a massive siege to the Red Keep. The stocks were full and a siege would've taken years maybe, the war council agreed that there was only one way to drag out King Aeryn. The assault was swift and there weren't many losses on the attacker side.

As they brought King Aeryn in chains before Robert, a raven came from Storm's End saying that lord Belmore laid siege on it and had his mind set to execute lady Lia Targaryen. Ronnel had very tight relations with the Targaryen's of the Stormlands and implored King Robert to order Belmore to stop his siege and to promise that no harm will be done to lady Lia or any other Targaryen of her branch. Robert agreed and gave order to Belmore to take his armies back to the Vale, as long as lady Lia would swear to keep her armies down. The deal was sealed and so the War of The Usurper ended.

The Aftermath

When Ronnel arrived in Riverrun, Mona told him that his daughter died a stillborn. At the hear of that he was destroyed and fell into a massive depression. People at the court compared Ronnel with a living ghost.

King Robert gave him the title of Commander of the Household Guard, requiring him to move to Hammerhorn. As a reward for fighting for Robert, he gave him half of the Bay of Claws

In Hammerhorn he was the guardian and teacher of Stannis Baratheon, who grew up to be a very skilled fighter and commander. Not long after Stannis was old enough to live on his own, Ronnel was found dead on the beach of Hammerhorn. Rumor went that he killed himself, but the Septons said that he died of Black Heart.

Lord Rormund 8116

Lord Hand Rormund of the Riverlands
Rormund tully
Lord Hand Rormund Tully
Vital statistics
Position Lord Regent of the Westeros, Lord Hand of the Westeros, Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, Lord of Riverrun, Turnbridge and Branstone
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 1.84
Weight 89
Rormund was Ronel's first born son and by far the one he favoured. From his childhood he showed a very brave character and proved to be an authorative ruler. The cynicism was one of the basic characteristic of his family and he wasn't lacking it.

At the age of 20 he married Bella Wayn, a daughter of one of his father's vassals. They had three kids together, Ronel, Belgrave and Olanei, but he sentenced her to serve the faith after she had a child with his half-brother Andrey Rivers, son of Lord Bryne Frey.

The Battle of Dyre Den

During the War of the Usurper, Lord Ronel entrusted Rormund and Lucan with leading an army of 16.000 men to Dyre Den. Rormund wasn't a seasoned leader, but he was a very talented sword wielder. The two brothers faced no resistance on their way to Dyre Den and had no issues in establishing a strong siege arround the Castle.

After two weeks of sieging, scouts reported a massive fleet bearing the banner of the Loyalits. Rormound found himslef surounded by a massive army of loyalits in no time and was forced to prepare his defensive positions. He took his armies on a chain of small hills far from the Castle of Dyre Den. The Loyalits charged the Rivermen upphil, with King Aeryn charging the middle. The battle was fierce, but the Rivermen stood their ground. Massive losses hit both sides, but with time the Rivermen ranks started to thin out.


Battle of Dyre Den

It felt like his army was about to route. Rormund charged downhill for one last time, hoping that the charge will scare the Loyalits away. As he was giving out orders to his captains and sergeants, scouts reported that the armies of Belmore just landed close to Dyre Den. The Loyalits were trapped between a rock and a hard place. Rormund decided to stay on the hills for a while, untill the Valeman got closer to the battlefield.

When Rormund saw the banners of the Belmore house in-sight ordered a massive charge on the Loyalits, crushing them in between the two armies, marking the first major victory for the future Lord Paramount of the Riverlands, bringing him high prestige and renown across the realm.

The Melee

With the passing of King Robert, his son King Benjen, organised a Melee for all the lord Paramounts and not only, placing as the great prize the title of Lord Hand. Rormund felt confident in his power to fight against all the other Lords, considering his record as a warrior and general. He immediatly board on a ship in Muddstones and travelled to Hammerhorn. The King was happy to see all the combatants there and ordered Lord Rormund to fight in the first battle against the Prince of Dorne, Daeron.

Rormund showed up in the Arena with his Valyrian trident, Trinity, while Daeron came only with a long spear. For most people, the fight seemed a sure victory for Lord Rormund whom was almost twice as big as Daeron. When the fight began, Daeron took Rormund down in the first strike. He was way slimmer and more agile than the massive Rormund, hence why it was easy to doge the charges of Rormund and flank arround to get behind him, from where he charged, disabling him.

With his pride scarred, Rormund returned to Riverrun. By the time he arrived in Riverrun, news came from Hammerhorn that King Benjen died of an unknown disease and that his son Stannis, whom his father tutored was about to be crowned.

The Lord Regent

After the corronation procession, King Stannis named Prince Daeron as Hand of the King and Lord Rormund as Regent of the Westeros, for proving his loyalty in the War of the Usurper. In the days prior to his corronation, Stannis wanted to mount his family's dragon, Blackwings, same dragon that killed Rormund's grandfather, Mohor. It was a shock for everyone when the dragon fought back against Stannis, burning him. Blackwings flew out of the Dragon Pit, leaving an incinerated body, the body of King Stannis the Early.

There was only one legitimate heir to the Throne, which was Maric Baratheon. A baby boy, just born at the time his father passed. When the news of the early death of the King went across the realm, the Lord's became restless about the matter. Lord Belmore, a friend of Lord Rormund, even claimed that he was a bastard born out of Queen Jynessa and another man. Rormund took his position as the Lord Regent and sent away all the lords that spoke against the Baby King. Some consider that his actions were the one that brought the War of the Withering Dragon upon the realm.

The War of the Withering Dragon

It was Lord Blackfyre of the Claw to declare war upon the Throne, pressing the claim of Lia Targaryen, Lady Paramount of the Stormlands at the time. Immediatly after the Southern Reach and the Northern Reach joined in on his side, along with Lord Belmore of the Vale. The war was to be fought between the Riverlands, the North and Dorne against the Claw, the Stormlands, the Reach and the Vale. At first look, the rebellion had a chance, but then the battle of the Stone Hedge happened and odds changed.

The Battle of Stone Hedge

Whilst he was gathering his armies, Rormund Tully ordered lord Hoare to prepare defensive positions around Stone Hedge, one of the most importants fortifications on the Red Fork. The Rebel armies were closing in at a high rate and soon arrived in front of Stone Hedge.

"I stood upon the battlements of Stone Hedge and it seemed to me that every man and every horse from the Seven Kingdoms had gathered across the field, facing down a seemingly insignificant force of men mustered by House Hoare.  The South would trample them, overwhelm them, and then burn my castle to the ground, and for a moment I thought it might be best to dip our banners and bend the knee to them, and then I heard the war drums from across the river...The banners seemed to fill the horizon - the crowned dragon of House Baratheon, the trout of Tully, the direwolf of Stark, the sun and spear of Martell, a thousand thousand other banners - Manderlys, Ironsmiths, Yronwoods, Allyrions, Jordaynes, Freys, Pipers, Flints, Mudds, Lockes..even the banners of House Blackwood." - Lady Kyra Bracken

Landing by hamsterfly-0

Loyalits forces crossing the Red Fork

Lord Hoare kept his positions and defended. He was commanding over only 16.000 men, whilist the invaders came with numbers about ten times that. The battle was clearly lost for Hoare, but then, over the Red Fork, thousands of small ships unleashed an army of 120.000 loyalits, bearing the banners of the Tully, the Starks, the Martells and the royal banner of the Baratheon.

It was Rormund Tully, the Regent of the Kingdom, along with Prince Daeron Martell to charge the middle, during the early phases of the battle. During one of the charges on the Rebel Armies, Prince Daeron was struck down off of his horse by a swarm of arrows. Rormund seized the oportunity. Prince Daeron was bearing the badge of the Hand of the King, so in the middle of the battlefield, Rormund took his badge and returned to the camp. Prince Renly, Maric's uncle and protector, didn't protest about Rormund naming himself Hand of The King.

The outcome of the battle, which took from 7-14 days ( nobody knows the exact length of it or when it started ) was the victory of the Loyalits forces. The scattered rebel army was routed from Stone Hedge and then obliterated in later skirmishes in the Riverlands.

The rest of the war was fought in small skirmishes scattered across the realm, slowly driffting into a guerilla war. Not long after the downfall of the Rebels, lord Aerion Blackfyre killed himself. His son, lord Maerys laid his weapons, along with lord Belmore.

WIth the war going for so long, the peasants of the Stormlands rose in a rebellion and claimed Storm's End for themselfs, forcing lady Lia to retreat to Blackheart.