For thousands of years, the lands of Westeros have stood and watched the changing of time. It has seen Kings and Queens who Rise and Fall, in what seems like a matter of moments in these ancient lands. It has seen Life and Joy, Peace and Love, Pain and Suffering, and War and Grief. No Destiny is certain, especially not in the years to come, anything could happen, any future could come to fruition. Conquerors from the East lie waiting off the Coast while the old Kings of Westeros sharpen their weapons, staring hungrily at their ancient foes whose lands are ripe for the taking. The Lands of Westeros have seen many cultures; The Children and the Old Beings, The First Men, The Andals, The Roynar, and all those in between. No one can say what the future may hold for this Land, but all know of the sole constant in life, death.

Active Houses:

House Nymeros Martell (ZeroFighterR)

House Hoare (Zomboing)

House Thorne (Zamarak)

Inactive/Extinct Houses:

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