The Seven Kingdoms - 1 January 7996

Her cold embrace by themichaelmacrae-dagnksq

Alternate Scenario where Aegon Targaryen and his dragons never existed.

7 Kings, 7 Kingdoms with all their own problems.

The North and the Vale continue their fight over the Sisters.

The Ironborn are having trouble keeping their massive kingdom together.

The Rock and the Reach planning their next moves into the weakening ironborn rule

The Storm King resisting bravely against the Dornish, Reachmen and Ironborn

And the Dornish... who knows what they are planning.

Season 1

Currently Active Player Houses (with pages)

House Stark - ZeroFighterR

House Durrandon - Drewid

House Darklyn - RoflNom

House Frey - Patrick.Humphry