The Strong Kings (Succession Game Hosted By Yaman)

House Strong
Coat of Arms A tripartite pale, blue, red, and green, on a white field

(Argent, a pale tierced per pale azure, gules, and vert)

Words " The strongest we will become. "
Seat Harrenhal
Current Lord Lady Sharna Strong
Region The Riverlands
Title(s) High Lordship of Harrenhal, High Lordship of Blackwater Rush, Lordship of Harrenhal, Lordship of Mosborough, Castle of Sow's Horn
Liege Lord King Daemon " The Laughing Dragon " Targaryen
Ancestral Weapon None
Previous House Heads
1. Lord Lyonel 'the Learned' Strong
2. Lord Benjicot Strong
Additional information
Titles gained High Lordship of Blackwater Rush, Lordship of Mosborough, Castle of Sow's Horn
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House Strong, previously of Maidenstone, has moved their seat to Harrenhall after Lord Paramount Grover Tully, 35 years of age, granted the title and lands to Lord Lyonel Strong, 30 years of age, in the year 8084. The High Lordship had previously belonged to House Towers, until the noble house died out, and the succession of their titles thrown into question. Lord Lyonel Strong was granted these titles for his continued loyalty to house Blackwood, and Blackwood's liege lords Tully.

Lord Lyonel 'the Learned' Strong (Played by Dumbledore)

Lord Benjicot Strong (Played by Yaman)

Lord Benjicot Strong came into power at twenty-four years old being a average military commander and a avid hunter at his young age. He was the son of Ser Harwin Breakbones, one of the greatest knights in Westeros of his time, and he was aswell the grandson of Lord Lyonel the Learned. Near the beginning of his reign he has given his younger brother Harsley the castle of Sow's Horn. Aswell his Uncle Edmure had asked for a lordship himself but was denied which soon made Benjicot look like a Tyrant, but despite being a tyrant he seemed to still be just and know the order of justice. Though his reign wouldn't last long as only two years later he would become very ill and then soon they would find out he was suffering from Pneunomia which a few days later lead to his death. Claims we're found that he was about to declare war on Rosby and take it's entirety.

This left his firstborn child Lady Sharna Strong as the new Lady of House Strong.